Apple iPhone 7 Features: 10 New Features

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Apple iPhone 7

Apple event has taken our sleep away and so that iPhone 7. With its first glimpse, it reflects a new design with all new features and a full house innovation! All the features are as we expected- improved Siri, better touch ID and pressure sensitive screen, touchless charging and more options for further customization. We already know from the various leaks ahead of the event that Apple is launching first in class water resistant iPhone with better battery backup. Let’s have an inner view of the iPhone 7 features which are still being described in the Apple event in San Fransisco.

iPhone 7 features

iPhone 7 Features, You Can’t Keep Your Eyes Off

Dig out more here in below because this is going to be an at least 10 minutes read for you as Apple has embedded many new innovations altogether into the iPhone 7.

Design of the iPhone 7

The design of the new iPhone 7  is really eye catching. Apple has made some variants with different finishes. All the officially confirmed finishes that are going to steal your hearts are Jet Black Finish, High Glass Finish, Stainless Steel. Let me tell you another exciting thing that the logo of the Apple will be made of stainless steel!

Which Colour Do you want in the iPhone 7? Check Available Colours

First of all, we must say that there is no option for piano black colour. There was a rumour that spread all over the web that breaking the traditional way, Apple might introduce a new colour for the iPhone 7, but officially it has been confirmed that Apple is not going with such experiment and is going with their signature colors- Gold, Silver and Rose Gold (it’s quite interesting though).

Home Button- There are more things to do with

The home button of the new iPhone 7 is going to be a house of multitasking. It’s going to be pressure sensitive and the fingerprint scanner as well. Now you can do a lot of things with the functions of the home button. Moreover, it’s not a physical home button, you need to operate it with pressure sensitive 3D touch.

Siri, Smarter assistant

In the Apple iPhone 7, the new Siri is going to take an interesting part; it’s going to be more responsive and accurate. The aim of this new personal assistant seems to be fulfilled with the new update of the Siri in this device. It can sync with Apple Watch through your iPhone 7.

New A10 Fusion Processor

Apple claims that iPhone 7 is the fastest smartphone in the market. It uses its own New Generation Chip A10 Fusion which is intensely built to support iPhone 7. The chip features 64 bit Four-Core CPU with two high-performance core that enables the device to run at 40% faster than A9 and almost at the double speed of the A8 chipset.

True Retina HD 4K Display

With new retina display, Apple finally comes down to the true HD display which is 25% brighter than the previous devices. Better colour management and millions of colour recognition system make the display even far more intelligent than we could think. According to the company it delivers “cinema standard” display quality. What does it mean? 4K resolution? Oh My God!

Improved Graphics

Forget the name of the high graphics game of the world. Try everything on this beast. It will run everything. You will be tired but it won’t. The new graphics enables the iPhone 7 to render the graphics at 50% faster than A9 and almost 3X faster than A8 chip! isn’t it really cool?

Do you want to know another statistic? It’s 240x faster than original iPhone!!

Polished Audio

There are two built-in speakers which can deliver up to 2x Time better sound quality through its new improvised operations and increased Dynamic Range. One is situated at the bottom while the another one is on the top.

Airpods, New Lightning wireless headset

Apple has introduced new wireless headsets, Airpods which are featured with the lightning connection. These deliver true digital sounds with true Dolby experience. It includes an adapter as well. It’s a real breakthrough in wireless technology doubtlessly.

Apple Designed W1 Chip

Apple itself designed a new chip for this iPhone, the W1 chip. It can power the system to provide 5 Hours Listening 24 Hours Total Listening. This new chip will support some third party devices like Beats Solo 3 Wireless Powerbeats 3 Wireless Beats X.

apple wireless chip

Camera of the iPhone 7

There is no room for your imagination. Let me tell you the iPhone 7 camera features. You might be very interested in this section as all of us are more or less selfie-addicted.

Primary Camera: The rear camera is 12 megapixel. That’s not the actual catch of the primary camera. It’s built with 6 element lens and high-speed sensors which are 60% faster than the sensors of the iPhone 6S and 30% more energy efficient as well.

In the iPhone 7 Plus, there are two cameras with wide angle image capturing ability. The new telephoto feature will enable users to go into the depth of a 10X zoom of an image easily. Using this feature user can make the whole background blur even while taking videos also! Really a thumb up feature, no doubt. (This feature will be updated through an OTA update a year later).

Quad LED Flash: The LED flash is designed to complete the camera feature. Four LEDs are there in the LED box while the iPhone 6S had only two. It refers that the pictures will be more polished and the tones of the images will be more accurate. The True tone flash is coupled with 50% more light Flickr sensor.

ISP (Image Signal Processor): It’s very new in the iPhones. It enables the lens to read the whole scene in front of these and detect the faces and body with proper exposure and focus while ensuring the noise reduction and white balance for the images to be taken. It can do a whooping Over 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds while capturing an image.

Apple Pay, New Touchless NFC Pay 

Apple is finally bringing its NFC payment system, Apple Pay. It’s under development however it has been included already. Within October it will be readily available to use in Japan first, Then it will be available all over the world after successful test run and integration with the banks as well. So be ready to pay touchless!!

Where iPhone 7 will be readily available by 15 September

Take a look at the image and find out where iPhone 7 will be available by the official release date, 15 September. In India iPhone 7 will be available from 26 Sept


iPhone 7 Price

Finally, comes the price. The 32 GB model will be tagged with $649 while the 256 GB model is tagged with $769 though you can try it for $27/month $32/month for the respective variants soon.


Preorder starts from 9th September while you can test it by hand on 16th September!

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