Apple iPad Pro 2 Leaked Images Reveal 12 GB Storage

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Apple iPad Pro

It has been quite a long while that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the electronic gadgets which are expected to come out in the course of the year 2017. And Apple iPad Pro 2 has been one of those devices which have hit the headlines on quite a number of occasions. Recently a leaked image of the device has come out which has revealed some key facts about the device.

Apple iPad Pro 2 leaked image reveals the model number of the device

The recently leaked image that has come out has revealed the fact that the device is going to come out with a model number MH1C2CD/F. If we take a look at the former model numbers of the device from Apple, we can observe that the leaked model number is something which is not in correspondence with the former ones. So the leaked image might just not turn out to be a true one. Also, one thing should be kept in mind regarding the fact that Apple has previously released electronic gadgets in this series with model numbers ML0G2LL/A and ML3N2LL/A. So there is every chance that the leaked image with the above-mentioned model number could turn out to be one of the Apple iPad Pro 2.

Other than this, the leaked image that the leakster has revealed provides the information that the device will come with a 12 GB of storage which is considered apt for loading the operating system and other developmental techniques. The build number that has been revealed through the leaked images has hinted at the fact that the device is going to run on Apple iOS 10 Beta which has been lately rolled out by its developers.

However, very little information has been revealed other than these and reports have previously suggested that the Apple iPad Pro 2 is going to be unveiled in the month of March this year. But nothing has been confirmed by Apple. So to get any sort of confirmation regarding the official release of the Apple iPad Pro 2 we have to keep on waiting. But one thing is for sure; the wait is not going to be a long one.

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