Apple iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Rumoured Features and Updates

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Apple iPad Mini 5

iPad Mini 5: Apple’s iPad Mini line up of tablets still prevails in a market in which tablets seem to be on the brink of extinction. This is largely due to the fact that the last released device by the Cupertino-based company, the iPad Mini 4, managed to pack in some truly noteworthy specs into its smaller, sleeker body. But while 2016 went by without so much as a peek at a new addition to the series, fans expect the iPad Mini 5 to surface during early 2017 with a major design and specs overhaul.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Features

iPad Mini 5 Latest Rumors:


It was speculated earlier that the new iPad Mini 5 will come in three different variants, a 12.9-inch model, a 9.7-inch model, and a 7.9-inch one. Now new rumours are being heard that Apple will bid adieu to the 7.9-inch version of the iPad Mini in the upcoming device, and opt for a new 10.5-inch variant instead, thus forming an intermediary between the 12.9-inch and the 9.7-inch models.

Additionally, according to this source, the new models may be built using the Series 7000 aluminium that is used for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S smartphones. This follows rumours that claim that the new iPad Mini will be built thinner than its predecessors, measuring at just 5mm in thickness. The Series 7000 aluminium is stronger and more durable and is thus a good choice for devices that aim to be both slim and durable, alongside being lighter than those made with standard grade aluminium.

It’s only logical to think that the next iPad Mini will be called iPad Mini 5, but some believe Apple will want to bring it under the iPad Pro banner. The rumour does make sense because then iPad Pro will have a line of its own with three screen sizes: 12.9-inch, 9.7-inch, and 7.9-inch. If the new device is indeed called the iPad Pro Mini instead of the iPad Mini 5, it may come paired with the Apple Pencil stylus.

Apple is famed for being tight-lipped about the development of their new gadgets, choosing to surprise fans at the time of their launch. However, speculations surrounding the new iPad Mini 5 have been rife ever since the launch of iPad Mini 4, as the company is usually quick to improvise on their existing devices. The new iPad Mini 5 is expected to have a thinner body than the previous devices in the series and combine it with some exciting new features. However, rumours suggest that Apple may drop the Mini 5 label altogether and opt for the upcoming device to mark the advent of the iPad Pro Mini to streamline its latest developments with the iPad Pro lineup.

There is a host of conjectures floating around about the upcoming iPad Mini, and the most notable of them is that the new device may come with the improved A9 processor (as opposed to the A8 that was previously seen), which will come with iOS 10 preinstalled. This is expected to see a boost in the upcoming device’s performance and graphics. The new iPad Mini 5/iPad Pro Mini is likely to improve upon the thin build of the previous generation iPad Mini, but it may achieve that sleeker look at the cost of its battery size. As for the camera, sources speculate that the device may come with an 8 MP primary camera and a 1.2 MP secondary shooter.

One major possibility for the iPad Mini 5 is that the new device may do away with the 16 GB variant altogether. This follows after it has been widely speculated that the upcoming iPhone 7 will not come in the lower storage variant, with the line offering storage options beginning with a 32 GB version. If that is something to go by, then the iPad Mini 5 may come in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage variants. Some sources speculate that the new device may also come with a whopping 256 GB version, which probably makes sense considering the fact that Apple’s devices do not offer an expandable memory option, and the large storage rumoured to be provided by the new iPad Mini 5/iPad Pro Mini will offer convenience on these terms. Other similarities with the 2016 iPhones may be the lack of a headphone jack, a waterproof design, and a 3D touch home button.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date:

Update: The iPad Mini 4 was launched on September 9, 2015, which lead several of us fans to speculate that the device will come out in September along with iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus. Likewise, it was thought that the device will feature iOS 11. But that didn’t happen, and Apple didn’t utter a single word about the next iPad Mini. Now it is being conjectured that the iPad Mini 5 release date will coincide with the iPad Pro 2 launch in March 2017.  There’s no official confirmation but fans are pretty optimistic that the iPad Mini 5 will launch in March 2017.

Stay tuned for more updates about the iPad Mini 5.

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