Apple iOS 10.3 Release Halted; 4th Beta of iOS 10.2.1 Launched Instead of That

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apple ios 10.3 rel-

Speculations were high that Apple would finally roll out the latest update of the iOS shortly. But the eager fans of the Apple were left disappointed after the Cupertino-based brand halted the launch of the latest update of the iOS 10. And instead of that, they have come out with therelease of the 4th Beta of the iOS 10.2.1 operating system whose features are yet to be revealed.

apple ios 10.3 rel

Rumours were floating in the year that the iOS 10.3 update would be rolled out on January 10. However, Apple decided to give it a miss. And in place of that, they are reportedly rolling out the 4th Beta of the iOS 10.2.1 to its consumers. But nothing much has been revealed regarding the additional features and the bug fixes they are going to make with the new update.

Previously it has been reported that the iOS 10.3 would come with one of the most incredible features which were termed as the “Theatre Mode”. In this mode, the users will be able to keep the device in a completely silent mode which is very much close to the Do Not Disturb mode which is available on the Apple devices running on an iOS platform available on the market. The Theatre Mode can be activated with the touch of a single button which will not only dim the screen but render the device mute which is best suited for a situation where silence needs to be maintained.

However, fans and users were left distraught after the backing of the release of the iOS 10.3 update of the software. The 4th Beta of the iOS 10.2.1 which has been released in place of that is expected to fix minor bugs and bring in subtle changes. Nothing huge is expected to undergo a change in this update. But this revelation will lengthen the tech enthusiasts’ wait for the iOS 10.3 update from Apple for a considerable period of time.

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