Apple iMac 2017 To Feature Touch Bar And Multi touch OLED Strip

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Apple iMac 2017

Apple is planning for something big. Upcoming iMac 2017 may be the device Apple is looking for changing the definition of a desktop with. We have come across with a lot of new patents acquired by the Apple recently. Some of these are really enough to blow our minds. After a thorough, in-depth research on the patents and the current features of the iMac series, we are expecting that iMac 2017 is coming up with a touch bar and multi-touch OLED strip.

Kaby Lake CPU with Multi-touch OLED Strip 

It’s already confirmed that iMac 2017 will feature Kaby Lake CPUs from Intel which has a robust chip. This new chip runs the same 14 nm process.

We have already experienced the touch bar feature in the next generation Macbook Pro, and the same feature is going to introduce into the upcoming iMac 2017. The multitouch OLED strip is very interesting. The interactive commands of this strip change dynamically from app to app.

Apple iMac 2017

No “Function Keys”

However, we are expecting a tweak here. The touch bar may be as same as the Macbook Pro where function keys have been replaced. So it can cause some irritations for those who are used to with these keys.

Rumours say that it will be released with 2 TB fusion drive coupled with 32 GB RAM. It may cost $3199 which is a little bit costlier than the previous one.

VR Compatibility! 

iMac 2017 will feature new MAD’s Polaris 10 graphics architecture where keeping the Kaby Lack CPU intact. Another update hits the market- it’s coming with VR compatibility, that means wearing a VR set you can enjoy unlimited virtual reality videos and games.

Like Macbook Pro, it will feature fingerprint scanner on the touch bar, that means you can pay via Apple pay using the technology. It becomes more secure and solid for online transactions.

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