Apple Has Reportedly Dropped Samsung As Chipmaker In The Upcoming iPhone 8

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Apple and Samsung are two smartphone companies that everyone has eyes on this year with their upcoming launches fuelling much interest among tech-heads. With Apple not expected to make much of an upgrade in its 2016 version of the iPhone, many are placing their money on Samsung to emerge victorious from the battle of the launches as they choose to wait for the iPhone 8; others are of the opinion that the exorbitant amount that Samsung may be pricing their Galaxy Note 7 at may be an impediment.

Whatever be the case, these two smartphone giants are expected to be the main players among this year’s launches, and we are aware of their fluctuating relationships that has seen them entangled in a lawsuit. Now there are reports that have surfaced which claim that Apple has dropped Samsung from being the manufacturer of the iPhone 8 chip.


Apple’s orders for its A9 chip in the iPhone 6s were split between the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung, and Apple has reportedly decided to end the partnership with Samsung altogether and appointed TSMC as the exclusive manufacturer for the 2016 edition of the iPhone. If this is to be believed, then this may continue with the upcoming A11 chip that will be seen in the 2017 iPhone 8 as well.

Reasons for the drop may be varied: some are of the opinion that Apple has essentially cut off one of its most prominent competitors from the partnership; others cite user experiences that tell us that an iPhone 6s that came with a TSMC chip was found to have a sounder battery life than one that came with a Samsung chip. Apple is also said to be impressed with the 10 nanometer FinFET process of manufacturing that TSMC uses. This process is apparently more cost effective than what Samsung offers as well. TSMC is expected to begin production of the A11 chip in the second quarter of 2017, but most of the reports on the matter are yet to be verified.

The A10 chip is expected to provide much better performance than the previous one. The iPhone 7 is likely to see a launch around September 12.

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