Apple Has Acquired AI-Based Facial Recognition Startup RealFace For $2 million

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Cupertino-based tech firms Apple have constantly been the forerunners in the market when it comes to the latest advancements in technology and it seems that the company’s stride is taking them further out of reach of its immediatecompetitors in the market. With the artificial intelligence market on the rise, the US tech concern has now acquired Israel-based startup RealFace that develops deep-learning-based face authentication technology.

Apple has acquired Israel-based startup RealFace that develops deep learning-based face authentication technology.

Face detection technology has been a coveted piece of technology since quite abit of time now with consumers opting to know about devices which will eventually feature this advancements. Not only smartphones, facial recognition has been a much-wanted piece of technology in all different sorts of places like cars, laptops and other home security systems as well. And it seems like with Apple taking over, there will not be much time before we might actually see something rolled out in at least some devices. First reported by Calcalist, the acquisition is to be worth roughly $2 million (roughly Rs. 13.39 crores).

Adi Eckhouse Barzilai and Aviv Mader set up RealFace back in 2014developed a facial recognition software that offers users a smart biometric login, aiming to make passwords redundant when accessing mobile devices or PCs. Pickeez-the first app by the firm, delivered optimal functionality by selecting the best photos from the user’s album in order to upload it into the database.

Apple’s acquisition did not come as quite a surprise at all considering the fact that the iPhone 8 is still in the works at Cupertino. The Tim Cook-led firm has remained tight-lipped so far regarding an eighth-generation iPhone but his latest piece of news might just have fueled truckloads of rumors pertaining to the next in line flagship from Apple. Nevertheless, whether the iPhone will really sport facial recognition? We do have a long wait for that.

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