Apple Funds China-based Wing Turbine Maker in a Move to Strengthen Relation

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US- based smartphones game changer Apple Inc. has invested in China’s largest wind turbine makers in a move to strengthen its relationships as well as marking the tech giant’s largest clean energy project till date. Pushing the business expansion a bit more, the American company’s investment in wind turbine manufacturing unit will further help in reachability of iPhone in rural China too.

China’s largest wind turbine makers, Goldwind raised funds through the help of Apple for its business expansion purpose in its manufacturing units located in different provinces such as Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and Yunnan. Moreover, after the fundraising event, Apple has become 30% stakeholder in each of the manufacturing unit located in each province. Although the amount is yet to be disclosed as shared to Reuters China/Quartz.

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As per the statement carried forward by Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Ltd., it has made an announcement regarding the wholly owned subsidiary so as to co-operate with the US-based tech giants. The merger will help yield 285 megawatts of power subsequently developing and jointly promoting the firm’s green power segment. In the respective closure carried by the Chinese firm, it mentioned that any of the subject matter not to be discussed further or information disclosed thus carrying any false record, misleading statements or major omissions. The entire information is true, accurate and complete.

Situated in Xinjiang Province of Northwest China, Goldwind has supplied near about 12.5% of wind turbines in the home country’s market thus manufacturing and installing in 98% of total China. The fundraising will help curbing pollution problems in the nation thus adding up more to the green environment initiative. The motive to increase solar capacity by 140 gigawatts by the year 2020 also comes as the central government’s initiative, too. Till date, China has invested 103 billion USD in renewable energy followed by European nations.

The respective merger and fundraising event between Apple and China’s wind turbine makers, Goldwind, will majorly look forward to future collaborations, technology productions, be solving and promoting green power supply for direct sales. Influencing and sharing awareness to the entire world through brand power (Apple and Goldwind) henceforth being utilised to expand the market with positive intentions.

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