Apple AirPods Gets Zero Repairability Score From iFixit, Company Says Earplugs Are Non-recyclable

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Apple AirPods

When Apple announced the AirPods along with the iPhone 7 in their September launch event earlier this year, there was a considerable amount of doubt surrounding how well those wireless headphones would cater to the mass consumers. Now, at this point of time, the airpods have been made available for consumers and many are picking up a care for the occasion of Christmas and New Years but whether that is a very goo idea, that is what is left to be seen.

Apple’s latest AirPods have been deemed very difficult to repair by tech-repairing company iFixit

After the Apple AirPod’s initial release, the speculations surrounding the inconvenience it would cause were revolving largely around its size and how easily displaceable it could be. And quite rightly so as the earplugs weren’t a very large entity in themselves and considering its cost, losing something like that would definitely contribute to a heavy loss. Now fresh reports from a variety of sources have given rise to the point that the premium AirPods by Apple have a durability as well as repairability issue as well.

Employees of California-based company iFixit decided to tear down the AirPods to see what’s inside and whether or not it can be repaired. As it stands, the AirPods’ reparability is just as complex as most of the devices manufactured by Apple. The company claims that AirPods are poorly constructed and almost impossible to repair along with the another negative point which is that the product is non-recyclable.

“As we begin to pull out the boards, cables, and other bits, we’re reminded of a certain wearable repair nightmare. If jamming complex components into a small form factor and sealing it with a copious amount of glue were a game, Apple would be winning … What remains in the earbud is a hot mess of cables and adhesive.” -iFixit

Their statements aren’t just empty as for an actual fact, the Apple AirPods have got a product repairability score of zero from iFixit and if the premium-earplugs were in your bucket list for New Year shopping, you might as well think again.

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