Apart from Banning Zindagi would Pakistani Artists not Appear as Reality Show Judges?

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Banning Zindagi

As the recent news goes, we come to know that the Pakistani drama channel Zindagi that got a lot of popularity will not be aired anymore. As disappointing as this sounds, this is apparently after the entire Uri attack, where MNS gave a specific 48 hours deadline to all Pakistani actors to leave the country. It is very obvious that art and entertainment have no boundaries. But according to Subhash Chandra,  who is the chairman of ZEEL & Essel group recently tweeted that they will stop showing Pakistani shows on Zindagi. Not only that, the Pakistani actors would also not be appearing on various reality shows as judges that take place on ZEE channel. The Indo-Pak tension is so apparent that there are several who are against this decision, along with those who think that it is not patriotic enough to have these foreign stars appear on any Indian channels or shows.

A few days back we got to know about Fawad Khan, who was supposed to appear on the first episode of Koffee with Karan Season 6, has been replaced with Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. This banning discussion was held on a show where Anupam Kher was present. Where he expressed his view by saying that even though there is no doubt that the Pakistani actors are incredibly talented, but when it comes to the harsh reality of the Uri attack, ignoring the talent would serve as a good idea. Apparently, the Pakistani actors who were asked to leave the country did not raise much of an objection as this was a matter of the countries sentiment. But it is also true that mixing emotion and work always do not serve as a good idea.

Even though opinions vary, it is true that there might be an apparent protest from various people who believe that it is better to have these talented actors leave the country till everything settles down. Naturally, we would be missing these Pakistani actors and the shows, but when it comes to the political status of the state, it is a good idea to have an unbiased opinion.

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