Antisocials Attack a Slum of New Ballygaunge Road

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Antisocials Attack

A slum at 16 New Ballygaunge Road faced an attack today at around 10:40 am. Around 60 to 70 goons entered the area with the motive to threaten the residents of the slum to evict them. According to the people of the slum area, the goons have repeatedly been attacking and threatening the people. The goons today attacked and abused the women in that area.

Today after the clash a mass petition was submitted at the Kasba police station regarding the issue. The mass petition said that the locals were facing a lack of security. The goons being closely related to some of the police personnel of the same, no actions were taken. Rather, today, when the incident took place, the staff of police, were much casual with the goons.

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According to the locals and also the C.P.I.M leader Shatarup Ghosh, who was also a contestant of the Assembly election from Kasba, said that the attacks and threats were on since before the elections, which increased after the results of the same.

“A nexus between local TMC councillor, syndicate mafias and a section of the administration has developed who want to evict the slum dwellers and use to land for promoting. If they think that by winning one election they can do whatever they want, they are living in fools’ paradise. We are going to fight till our last breath to secure the rights of the slum dwellers. Eviction can happen only over our dead bodies.” said Shatarup Ghosh in an exclusive interview to Fabnewz.

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