Antibiotics Side Effects in Long Term Use

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Antibiotics are known for inhibiting the growth of the microorganism in the body especially bacteria which cause diseases in our body. Most often when there occurs an injury to our skin, these bacteria punctures through the skin quickly and invade the body, causing thereby various sort of infections. To control the activity of these bacteria doctor prescribes antibiotics to their patients. These medicines are prescribed for 5-7 days but in a state of severe infections, the period can go beyond a month even. Using antibiotic for such long intervals though helpful in the treatment of diseases but at the same time, they leave harmful effects on the body. Some of them are;

Harmful Bacteria Adapt to Antibiotics

Long-term use of antibiotic against bacteria that cause infection in our body develops a resistance capacity in these bacteria to withstand the effects of antibiotic on them. They become immune to the medical drugs used to inhibit them. Thus you will lose the impact of antibiotics to treat your infections for future episodes. Visit urgent care Hoboken and discuss the issue with your physician and take necessary guidance of the doctor how to avoid taking antibiotics for the extended period. This way you can save yourself from getting addicted to antibiotics.

Antibiotics Starts Harming Host Body

Not only long-term use of antibiotics make the pathological bacteria resistant to the medical drugs, but at the same time, they start showing adverse effects on the body of the host. For example, if you are suffering from the critical form of infection and have been recommended a long course of antibiotic, the side effects that will be accompanied with it are poor health, fluctuating blood pressure, anxiety, etc. drive to Urgent Care Clinic Kearny in such situation for medical assistance.


Erosion of Useful Microorganism and Bacteria along with pathogenic

The inner membrane of our small intestine has useful bacteria which help in the digestion process by facilitating specific digestive processes. These microorganisms are also destroyed by the antibiotic along with the pathological one. In the absence of these gastrointestinal bacteria for example lactobacillus which helps in the conversion of milk into curd, the digestive process is hampered. As a consequence of which person may lose the appetite, slow metabolism, and other such complications.

Body Sickness like Influenza, Giddiness, Nausea

Wait, the matter does not stop here you can also suffer from nausea or a feeling of giddiness and influenza as a consequence of taking long-term antibiotics. This is because they hamper the normal functioning of body organs and cell organelles like mitochondria and ribosomes.

Always consult with a professional and expert doctor before starting a long time course of antibiotics for the treatment of infection in your body. Otherwise it many results in dangerous consequences.

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