Anti Valentine’s Day: Slap Day Quotes, Images and Funny GIFs

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So finally all the euphoria of valentine’s week is gone. You have thoroughly enjoyed the week with your newly found love of life. But suddenly on the final eve, you realize that you are not with the right person. The person you are having a cozy, romantic dinner tonight is not someone with whom you can spend your entire life. You were caught in the Valentine market frenzy. You need to do something to get out of this sudden and unnecessary mess.

You have wasted enough of your precious time, money, and physical labour and still, it is not working out. Your life has become enough intrigued and complicated, and now it’s time to get out of the complication. So here we go. You have Anti Valentine’s week for you. Just after the 14th Feb, you will get your chance to get rid of your mess. Starting from Feb 15-the Slap Day, the next seven day is the day of your atonement.

15th Feb 2017 – Slap Day

16th Feb 2017 – Kick Day

17th Feb 2017 – Perfume Day

18th Feb 2017 – Flirting Day

19th Feb 2017 – Confession Day

20th Feb 2017 – Missing Day

21st Feb 2017 – Break-Up Day

Slap Day Quotes

Talk about the best revenge and the first thing that comes to most of our mind is a hard slap. Imagine a world where you can slap hard the person who has made your life like hell. You get the poetic justice. Sounds Utopian right? The Anti-Valentine’s week gives you that opportunity.

There’s a wise saying that “Morning shows the day” and hence Anti-Valentine’s week starts with a bang with Slap Day! What could be a better way to start a week to reset your life? You are out of all the redundant trouble; the good old normalcy of your life is again restored. You age again high on life with a positive attitude. You feel rejuvenated. A proper hard slap can wash away all the negativity of your life. You get rid of your mistake in grand style. So don’t miss this opportunity to attain salvation or else you will regret later. Here are some slap day quotes for you!

On this day let us not slap the person but “slap the ties”. You can send a “slap card” or a “slap email”. Happy Slap Day!

A slap is the best medicine that may be used to remove the madness of love from a boy’s mind. Happy Slap day 2017!

Look at yourself in the mirror

And slap yourself hard.

And you will realize the pain you had given me throughout.

Happy Slap day!

I began imagining scenes in public

which some drunk would come up to me and

slap me in the face.

Nothing like that ever happened, but

I often wonder if

I would have turned the other cheek.

Happy Slap day

The Force Applied While Proposing A Girl

By A Boy Is Equal & Opposite

To The Force Applied By The Girl While slapping

Happy Slap Day!!!

Slap Day is here.

You slap your old boyfriend (for whatever wrong he did to you)

and break all ties.

Happy Slap Day

Slap Day Images

In case you got carried away with the “Slap Day” and forget how to slap, let me simplify the method of slapping! Just for you information, “Slapping” refers to strike a person with open palm of the hand. The purpose of slap is more of humiliate than injure. There are lot of idioms associated with the word slap. Like “Slap in the wrist” meaning a mild punishment, “Slap in the face” meaning to rebuke, rebuff or insult, “Slap on the back” is an expression of friendship or congratulations.

There’s even movie and music on slap. “Slap Her…She’s French” is an American teen comedy released in the year 2002, where girls and women typically slap boys, men other women who offend them in some way or the other. There is a beautiful song named “You just got slapped” by Marshall Eriksen feat. Barney Stinson in the famous serial of “How I Met Your Mother.”

get some great slap day images here!

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Slap Day GIF

Slap day can be symbolic too. You not always have to slap somebody physically, but it is an attitude. It means tackling and attacking your life’s problem aggressively. It’s about not giving up easily. It’s about positivity. It’s about letting your negativity go away. It’s not letting your head down at difficult situation. It’s about fighting back.

When you are down and tired of your life with the previous seven days of valentine’s week with the wrong person and you realize your mistake, “Slap Day” gives you the opportunity to negate all the recent wrongdoings. You have loved hard for the past week and now you will slap hard. So here are some of the best Slap Day GIFs just for you!

Slapping is a good way to revenge, but it can be dangerous too. Before you go for the final stint, you should always keep an eye on your safety and security. It should not backfire and you should not lose your self-respect. You are mature enough to handle it in proper way. So go for it.“Slap safe and slap hard.”

Happy Slap Day!!!!

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