Another Kolkata Woman Abducted in Kabul

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Yet another time a woman of Kolkata has been abducted in Kabul. While the memory of Susmita Bandopadhyay has still been haunting Kolkata’s people, another case of abduction of a lady from Kolkata has been reported.

An Indian woman identified as Judith D’Souza has been abducted in Kabul, Afghanistan. According to the reports, she was a worker of an NGO of Agha Khan Network. The forty years old was reportedly abducted on the Thursday night.

Her family staying in Kolkata is naturally very much in worry and afraid, thinking of the probable consequences. The haunting memory of Susmita Bandopadhyay who was brutally murdered in Kabul is still fresh enough for the people of Kolkata to be scared of their daughters who working out at places like this. Death is a regular matter of concern for them. This incident has just added to the list.

The family has been kept in touch and updated with all the information available to the embassy. The Afghan government is continuously putting efforts to secure her early and safe release. Yet, worries are on. “All Indians residing and travelling to Afghanistan are advised that the security situation in the country remains highly volatile. Terrorist attacks have taken place in the country against foreigners and are expected to continue. There is also the risk of kidnapping and hostage taking throughout the Afghanistan. The Embassy advises all Indians in Afghanistan to live and work with adequate security precautions,” the statement said.

Though there are continuous efforts on the part of the Afghanistan government to secure the country for the foreigners who reside there for the purpose of their job, yet questions remain popping up regarding the fact that exactly when the families of those people shall be sure of the security of their near ones staying in Afghanistan. When will all the worries end? Will it end at all?

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