Another Divorce In Bollywood, Arbaaz Khan & Malaika Arora Separated After 18 Years Of Marriage

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Arbaaz Khan & Malaika Aror

The harmonious separation of Malaika Arora & Arbaaz Khan was in news for quite some time. The couple announced their separation last year and following that filled a divorce in Mumbai Court. The court-administered many reconciliation sessions for the couple but finally, on 11 May the once ideal couple was granted the divorce.

As reported by a leading News daily, The couple arrived at the court riding the same car, this is an indication that they share an amicable relation and the divorce will not leave a bitter mark in their life. The same report also states that Malaika has the custodial rights of their 14-year-old son Arhaan while Arbaaz has the visitation rights.

A day before they were officially divorced, the couple along with their son were spotted at the Justin Bieber Concert. Malaika since the couple declared their separation, Malaika has been a part of all khan family functions and other events. She was also a part of the grand celebration of the first birthday of Arbaaz’s nephew Ahil Sharma in Mauritius.

The couple came up with the news of their separation last year where they declared it an end of their 18-year long marital relationship.

The couple said in a statement, “The truth is, we have taken a break, but that doesn’t mean people can presume, assume and speculate things of such malicious nature. We are taking out time to figure out our lives… Yes, it’s true that we are separated, but where our lives go and what transpires between us, it is for us to decide. Wherever it goes from here, we will talk about it when we are ready to.”

There were many rumors about the reason why the couple separated, but the couple set all of it to rest.

“We are not separated because of a third random person like there were stories of a friendship between a businessman and Malaika. Nor was it about his family disapproving of her lifestyle, nor does she feel that her husband is not financially stable. She is not crying on her brother-in-law Salman’s shoulders, asking him to help. They are our family, so please don’t talk about them like that,” they said jointly, as per a report.

Malika looked her own gorgeous self while Arbaaz has a serious face while exiting the court. The two were an ideal couple of Bollywood, but sadly they too had to separate for their own good reasons.

Though the couple has cleared that they aren’t separating because of any third person, the news is coming that Malaika is having a secret affair with Gunday actor Arjun Kapoor. The two have been spotted together quite a number of times, but they deny any relationship status.

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