Android O First impressions: Redesigned Settings, Quick Toggles and notifications, Smart Text Selection and much more

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Android O

Android O was claimed as one of the crucial segment at Google I/O 2017. It already has 2 billion active users on the platform to accentuate the criticality of the update. The web giant has been quite careful, and just to see the initial response have released Android O in a public Beta. To use it, you can enroll in Android O Beta. However, you need to have a Google smartphone for that. The choices for the sam area Nexus 5X,Nexus 6P,Google Pixel, and theGoogle Pixel XL.

Here are the findings that a deep analysis of the new update offered:


There is a major design chance this time that is visible at the first glance. Though it has quite similarities with Android Nougat but there are certain tweaks that enhance the overall look of the OS. You can see the major differences in Setting bar & notification panel. You can even find many settings rearranged.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth settings are no more a part of network settings but have been separated. Network &Internet is the first setting which has the bundle of similar settings together. NFC, Cast & Bluetooth are combined under connected devices.

The battery consumption by applications is more detailed in Android O. You can see the battery graph showing clubs of Apps, System, Services etc.

Quick Toggles & Notifications:

The toggle handling in Android O is different from its predecessors. You have to just long press the toggle to go to the settings, whereas clicking on the text still opens up the mini menu in the notification tray.

The picture in Picture:

Another feather in the hat of Android O, the update allows a picture in picture function to many chat & video apps when minimized. This was only supported by YouTube, Netflix on Android Nougat but it will now also be supported with Android O. However, you won’t be able to find this feature in Android O Beta.

Notification Dots:

Google has addressed the issue of app badges and the tiny visual cues on the applications tell that there are notifications pending. To check the notifications you can also press hold the app. There is more, you can also dismiss the notification with a swipe without opening the notification bar.

Autofill function with Google:

The super convenient feature is that you so not need to type in while singing in your various app accounts. As soon as the OS detects that you are trying to login it searches for the password manager and let you sign in using your Google account. You will have a selection of credentials to choose from and the OS will automatically detect the password if it is saved with google. If not, you have to type one.

Smart Text Selection:

Though we have already used this function but with Android O it is more simplified. If you copy a number, you do not have to paste it to the dealer as Google will automatically direct you to the dialer with the number already posted there.

The approach that Google has tried this time is of great consumer benefits. Hope the actual update comes with some more exciting features.

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