Android N Will Support 3D Touch and VR Helper Services

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Android N

Since last week, the internet giant, Google had rolled out Developer Preview of Android N that showed us acouple of features like Emoji Unicode 9 support, Launcher shortcuts among others. And it was during this that we got to know that the upcoming Android will support new VR helper services and pressure sensitive display, like that of 3D Touch.

A site namedPhandroid, did some tinkring around and took the help of Nova Launcher to see the features that the latest Android N Developer Preview 2 has. What they found out is that youno longerrequire opening theweather icon, all you need to do is do a swipe down gesture get a glimpse of the weather forecast of the upcoming days. The official developers page said, “Your app can create up to five dynamic shortcuts. When users perform a gesture over your app’s launcher icon, these shortcuts appear. By dragging the shortcuts onto the launcher, users can make persistent copies of the shortcuts, called pinned shortcuts.”

Android N

Other reports that the upcoming Android will support virtual reality features called‘VR Listener’ or ‘VR Helper’. It was pointed out that one needs to navigate to Settings > Apps > Configure apps (the gear button in the top right) > Special Access > VR helper services. The news is not very surprising because the support for virtual reality in the Android N has been making headline since the start of this year.

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As of now, a lot of things are in dark but we expect that Google will reveal its status on 3D Touch and virtual reality features. They’ll probably do it in theGoogle I/O 2016 developer conference that is going to be held between May 18 to 20 of 2016.

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