Ancestry DNA Tests: Are they actually authentic and private??

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Trying to complete your family tree??? These tips from Arizona-based genealogist Phyllis Lewellen may help you to complete the one. Phyllis has been working on her family tree for almost 30 years.DNA test results may help you to find out few branches of your tree.

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  • Can DNA tests tell me which country my ancestors are from??

The answer is no.DNA may help you to identify geographic areas but are not specific to country or state.

  • What is all shown in ancestry test?

It tells you about all the relatives who have taken the test in the same company and might also be able to tell you that how you are related to them.

  • Do companies make DNA test results public on the website??

No, test results are not made public unless you have chosen for it.You can decide whether you want to keep your test results confidential or you want to publicize it.

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  • Out of, or, which company is the best? :

Methodologies of all three companies are totally different, so results may vary.

The basic test kits of all the companies are affordable and are under $100.However, during holiday time lucrative deals are provided wherein cost can as low as $ 49.

  • If I and my relative use different DNA test, and later on we want to find each other do we need to go for all three major DNA tests company?

There is a website called which is totally free of cost, wherein people can upload their test results for free. It will later match results for all the three companies, preventing you to go for all three tests.

  • What If I find my genetic match about whom I have never heard anything? How to approach them??

It is always better to go directly and talk to that person. Tell him directly and in a polite manner that you have taken a DNA test and found out that you are related to him.

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  • Do I need to keep records of DNA test?

It only helps you to prove your connection with a relative you have found out through DNA test.

  • What else should I know about com, or

We only get DNA from our fathers is a myth. There is the equal contribution of father and a mother for passing on DNA to their children.

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