An Improved Quad DAC System is on the Cards for the LG G6

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LG G6:The LG G6 is among the most anticipated smartphones that are expected to hit users during the first half of 2017. From what we’ve seen until now, the upcoming device will mark a huge departure from its immediate predecessor, the LG G5, making it one of the most radical changes we have seen in a particular line-upin recent times. In the past, LG has made it clear that they are open to experimentation as well as scrapping their ideas for good when they don’t work out as expected. The modular design of the G5 was met with such a fate. But the upcoming G6 will be more about what it packs in rather than what it leaves out.

Up until now, we have seen numerous leaks and rumors surface regarding the LG G6 smartphone. And the latest reports claim that alongside a bunch of other enviable specs, the handset will incorporate a technology that last year’s V20 introduced, albeit with a substantial upgrade. According to these sources, the new G6 willaim at delivering better audio quality with an upgraded Quad DAC system. For the V20, LG had collaborated with ESS, and the same collaboration is reportedly being carried forward for the G6. The technology makes the most of the space factor by incorporating four DACs within a single chip, and in the process brings down interference by up to fifty percent as compared to a single DAC.

But the Quad DAC system in the LG G6 will be far more sophisticated. As Pocket Lint points out, the G6’s refurbished audio system willprovide a more balanced customizing solution by its ability to control the left and right channels separately. It will also apparently lead to minimum distortion, thus adding more clarity to the user’s overall audio experience.

There has certainly been a lot going around about LG’s upcoming high-end smartphone, most notably the news about the company having to abandon the Snapdragon 835 chipset in favor of the SD 821 on account of Samsung using up the initial supplies for their highly anticipated Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. However, there’s still a lot to look forward to, including a glass and metal build, a 5.7-inch display, and smaller bezels that will lend the upcoming smartphone with a whopping ninety percent screen to body ratio. Besides these, reports also cite the possibility of the LG G6 being IP 68 certified and incorporating copper heat pipes. The latter is probably in a bid to give the company an edge over their South Korean rivals, Samsung.

The LG G6 will be officiallylaunched on February 26, 2017, just ahead of the MWC. While it is yet unclear how LG aims to price its high-end flagship, it is rumored to cost somewhere around $750. Explore our website for more news about upcoming smartphones.

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