An appetite for the thrill how is a longboard different from a skateboard

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Longboard different from a skateboard: Extreme sports lovers often engage in debates about longboards and skateboards. Popular belief is that longboards draw inspiration from surfing boards and pro surfers came up with the design idea to be able to surf on streets. It gained skyrocketing popularity in the 1950s. The movements, balancing, and the design is very similar to surfboards. People, who have tried both, say that riding a longboard is much more comfortable than riding a traditional skateboard.

To find out the truth about the two similar, yet distinct sports types, we must delve deeper into the differences between the size, shape, and style of the boards –


Longboards are usually longer than conventional skateboards. Boards from top brands like Shark Wheel are around 35 to 60 inches long and the 9 to 10 inches wide. Whereas, traditional skateboards are between 28 inches and 34 inches in length, and 7 – 10 inches in width. That is one reason people find longboards easy to master.


Longboards are very similar to standup paddleboards and surfboards in their shape. Even with considerable variation in longboard shapes, the conventional design elements remain preserved. Skateboards have very distinct upward curves on both ends. Their different forms make them ideal for tricks like kickflips and heelflips. Longboards require finesse since their ends are tapered like paddle boards. They make balancing easy but tricks hard.


Wheels can tell you a lot about the board’s purpose. Surfers often ride their board’s on sandy beaches, and they prefer the smaller wheeled skateboards for this. Those who like to grind on the curbs or rough surfaces, often choose larger and softer wheeled longboards.


Skateboarding fans swear by balancing acts and stunts. People find it easier to start surfing on longboards since they are longer, wider and aerodynamic. They often shift from it to skateboards to learn new tricks and stunts.


Grinding tricks are usually for pros since they are riskier than the usual kickflips. Skateboards are ideal for grinding, and young surfers often prefer them over their larger counterparts. The shape and size of longboards make it difficult for both amateurs and veterans to grind.


Some riders prefer not to touch the ground while riding on their boards. Skateboarding needs the rider to propel a forward motion using their foot. Longboards do not require the riders to do so. The design of the board provides the necessary thrust for a fast ride.

It is impossible to state which one is better than the other since each board has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to find out which features you like most and which one will be ideal for your requirements.

Skateboards and longboards are very similar in their looks, purposes, and functions. However, there are considerable differences when you consider their balance, aptitude for stunts and sizes. Sometimes, the best surfers build their boards that adopt salient features from both types we have described here. These are unique designs that depend on the level of the user’s experience, stunt abilities and balancing prowess.

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