Amitabh Bachchan’s Fans Have Gone Hilariously Extra By Tweeting Selfies At Him For His Birthday

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Living legend Amitabh Bachchan is celebrating his 75th birthday today, and what a blessing it is to have seen a talent like him in our lifetimes.

But while he’s famous for a lot of things IRL, the one thing he’s known for on Twitter isattaching his selfiesto every tweet he posts… no matter what the context.

Whether he’s celebrating someone else’s victory, or mourning someone’s loss, the superstar HAS to upload his photo with it. It’s just a thing he does without explaining why.

So, seeing as to how the big occasion this time is Bachchan’s own birthday, his more trolly fans have found the perfect way to honour him – by tweeting their own photos at him.

From selfies…

To pop art collages…

People have gone all in on this endlessly hilariously running gag.

It’s not just people, though. Even brands are getting in on the act.

And going by how long Bachchan has been uploading his no-context selfies without telling us why he does it, he doesn’t really have any reason to begrudge these jokesters.

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