American Pie 5 Will See Levenstein and Co. take a trip to Las Vegas

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American sex comedy series American Pie had been a tremendous ordeal when it came to light-minded humour targeted specifically at the high school and college students and it seems that much-acclaimed movie series will come back for a fifth instalment in 2017. And by the sound of it, the sequel to American Pie Reunion will be raunchier than all the first four films put together.

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The new movie, which has the working title American Pie 5, was announced way back on August 4, 2012, with Hurwitz and Schlossberg reprising their role as directors and screenwriters of the new instalment. Tara Reid, who played the role of Vicky in the previous films was the first among the American Pie castings to mention anything about the upcoming movie with the actress hinting at a sequel back in May 2015. Although the producers, as well as the production house are choosing to stay tight-lipped on any further details regarding the movie, it is more or less confirmed that American Pie 5 will have Las Vegas as the primary shooting location.

According to previous reports, most of the principal cast from the first four movies will be returning to the casting which includes the likes ofJason Biggs,Alyson Hannigan,Seann William Scott,Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris KleinandEddie Kaye Thomas. Needless to say, Eugene Levy, who has played the most crucial character of RaunchkingNoah Levenstein in all the American Pie instalments will again feature in the upcoming movie much to everyone’s delight. The plot synopsis revolves around the title characters reuniting once again for a trip to Las Vegas. ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ is definitely going to get a whole new benchmark by the looks of it now.

Among the few scarce plot points surrounding America Pie 5, one piece of information that we could lay our hands on are that Jim and Michelle will start the movie on the brink of a possible divorce and the vacation might just be a recoil trip arranged by their friends to make sure that the couple stays together. A recoil trip which will most definitely go horribly wrong.

American Pie 5 does not have any concrete release date but by the looks of it, if the movie does comes out, 2018 will be a realistic timeline assumption.

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