AMD Adds the VEGA 10 Graphics Card to its 2017 Gaming Chipset line-up

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Gaming Chipset

Graphics chipset manufacturers AMD seems to be ending the year on a roll with the company bringing out quite a number of latest graphics cards targeted at different sections of gamers, of late. A few days back, AMD’s immediate rival NVIDIA introduced the 1080 Ti chipset which was met with fairly positive reviews and now, at the RRA GPU certification, the Vega 10 chipset turned to be the star of the show after outscoring the 1080 Ti. For people unaware, the RRA is South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency, a regulatory board that conducts tests and approves products that are produced by Silicon Valley-based companies before they are sold into the electronic market. Apparently, the AMD Vega is able to outperform NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 by 10% while running Doom in Vulkan API at 4K resolution. The said GPU that put the NVIDIA GTX 1080 slightly to its knees is believed to be sporting an 8GB HBM2 memory.

Gaming Chipset

AMD VEGA 10 to offer serious competition to NVIDIA 1080 Ti post its launch in 2017.

According to Tweak town, AMD Vega 10 will be available in 16GB units for flagship while 8GB units for the low-end variant. The 8GB prototype units have made its debut performance at the Tech Summit in Sonoma, California. Where the first-hand witness saw it rock the 8GB next gen HBM2 technology running DOOM at 4K using the Ultra Setting with 70 FPS average.

The new AMD Vega graphics card lineup will cover pretty much everything the people need in the market. AMD will dish out a graphics card made for 4K 60FPS AAA gaming, which targets the high-end market. In addition, AMD will also offer a mid-range and entry-level graphics cards made for 1080p and even 1440p resolution gaming.

2017 is going to be a big year for gamers with both AMD and NVIDIA  slated to introduce ground-breaking gaming chipsets early next year and one can only wait out a few days in order to check out what the next season has in store for us.

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