Noise cancelling feature is the latest addition to the smart headphones. Amazon has won the patent of a new noise cancelling headset. If you don’t want to deal with the noises in an airplane or in a loud coffee shop, then this new headphone is coming with new technology. Amazon’s new intelligent headphone can separate the sounds which you want to hear and which you don’t want to hear.

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Amazon noise cancelling headphone patent

It’s very interesting when it does not let you hear the sound of mass in a street but let you hear the siren of a Police van or ambulance.

  • It detects certain frequencies smartly and analyzes which sound to pick and which is not to pick.
  • It disables the sounds when it detects some emergency sounds like Siren or horn of a car or truck.
  • It can spot predetermined words and phrases and even pattern of the sounds

According to the CNET,

“If we are to talk about some other aspect, an interaction between a user and the recently developed noise-cancelling device can be monitored precisely once the noise cancellation is suspended, and based at least on such interactions, a preset model for keyword spotting can be modified into a smart system. In certain points, noise cancellation feature at the noise-cancelling device can be easily suspended or otherwise can be terminated in response to receiving a suspension directive via an electronic non-audio signal.”

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