Amazing Movie Experience at PVR Marathahalli

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Watching a movie in a multiplex on a big screen is nothing less than a treat to eyes. The entire ambiance is created to help audiences enjoy the best movie experience. Visual storytelling, especially at Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli Movies leaves a lasting impact on the viewers. Planning a movie outing, booking tickets for the same in itself an enthralling experience.

Premium Location

Located on Outer Ring Road, close to the ICICI Bank ATM, Marathahalli, Bangalore, the Innovative Multiplex has been attracting a large number of movie buffs who wish to catch latest movies and enjoy the whole experience.

If you are planning to watch your favourite movie, find out showtimes at Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli and book tickets for your friends and family. Every day a lot of movies are shown in the theatre in different languages. Check out which movie you would like to see and get the tickets booked immediately.

Impressive Big Screen

Watching a movie on a large screen with amazing sound quality is an out of the world cinematic experience. When you step inside a dark movie hall, you feel an adrenaline rush that is usually experienced before the movie begins. Right from the advertisements and previews, every aspect of movie-watching is amazing.

Reasonably-Priced Tickets

The Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli Movie Tickets are reasonably-priced; hence even if you plan to watch a movie with a large group, it is not going to be too expensive for you. Settle down in your seat and gear up watching a movie of your choice staring at a massive screen.

The scale of the screen has a unique ability to transport you in the word of fantasy. The color and sound of the movie are such that you feel as if you are in the same space as other movie characters. Watching a movie on a large screen is a great cinematic experience that cannot be compared with watching a movie on any other device.

Distraction-free experience

Moreover, watching a movie with other people in the same hall also create a perfect ambiance that is necessary for an ultimate movie-watching experience. There are no distractions, and you can watch a movie without any interruption. You no longer need to spoil your mood which usually happens at home. When people around you speak too loud, or there are too many advertisements spoiling your experience.

Popcorn and Cold Drinks

Another attraction of watching a movie in Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli is watching a lovely story. While munching on popcorns and gulping cold drinks. If you want an uninterrupted movie watching. You can either buy popcorns before the movie starts or place an order at the counter. So that same can be served to you on your seat after the movie begins.

The amazing ambiance of multiplex combines with other amenities and facilities help you make your day out for movie watching an experience. That is sure to be remembered for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Visit Paytm and book your tickets at Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli and look forward to an amazing experience.

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