All You Need to Know for Driving a Dumper Truck

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Dumper Truck

When you look at all the different types of HGV on the road you will find multiple styles. In fact, you will notice that there are over 50 different HGV vehicles and each one has its own purpose and HGV and LGV license. Typically you will look at the forklifts or the lorries you see on the road, but today we are going to cover one that is used mainly in construction and that is the dumper truck.

No matter what type of work you are doing, if you know how to drive a dumper truck you will find a job all the time. Here is all that you need to know about the dumper trucks.

The Types of Trucks

When you look at the term dumper truck, you need to realise it is a phrase that is used to cover several different types of trucks. Included in this:

Rigid Trucks

These are ones that are meant for a larger job and often used in construction, they are also fast and durable. This is going to allow them to get between the construction sites quickly. They do only operate on open roads and if the space you have is small and tight you cannot use this truck.

Articulated Trucks

These are the ones that come once the materials have arrived. These are tough trucks that can handle the terrain, but they cannot hold the same load as a rigid. What else is needed is a lot of training because these can be dangerous.

Tracked Trucks

These are great for the construction sites that are going to have difficult weather and even harsh weather. These can even allow for a safe environment for the other trucks as they flatten the ground as they are moving. These are heavily favoured in the early stages of construction jobs.

Dumper Truck

Mini Trucks

These are the ones that are a miniature version of the trucks from above and you can hire them with a category B license. These are very easy to use and often being used for the home and garden projects.

What else you will find is that you have several other styles of dumper trucks that are going to have different weights, but will require different licenses. These are the most common types that you can find in the world.

The Type of Licence Needed

With most of the dumper trucks, you only need to get a Cat B license, which is a standard part of getting your license if you passed the test after the start of 1997. This does not mean that you should go out and get into one right away. You will often need to get a Construction Plant Competence Scheme license to get to drive one of those vehicles your work. The larger trucks are going to be over the 3500kg limit and will lead to you needing to get a Cat C license. This is what you would get with any of the other vehicle licenses as well, which is set by the weight. Typically you would not need to get the Cat C license until you go onto a larger scale site.

What is the Earning Potential?

This is a job that you are going to love because it is very rewarding for getting to see new homes built or even getting to help clean up the blighted property. This is a great job that has a lot of income potential as well. When you look at the job listing you will find that the demand is rather high and the pay is going to be dependent mainly on how much you want to work. A driver who is qualified for the job can expect to get on the low end 23,000 pounds and on the higher end up to 35,000 pounds a year so this is quite a bit of money for driving.

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