All-Electric Ford Mustang by 2020 : Expect a V8 Engine to Power this Behemoth!

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American auto giant Ford will lookto set an example for other supercar manufacturers as it seeks to launch a hybrid Ford Mustang within the next five years. Electric vehicles have garnered a lot of visibility and have reaped rich dividends for manufacturers over the last few years as environmental concerns have grown and consumers have realised that gas-guzzlers create more problems than they solve. Ford has stated that the electronicversion of the iconic Mustang is a step in the right direction and has confirmed that seven new electric vehicles will be launched within the next five years.

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Ford has also sought to address consumer concerns by stating that the new hybrid Mustang willdeliver V8 power. Contrast this with the available standard Gasoline-powered Mustangs which are available in three variants-a V8 engine, a V6 engine and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine- and it is obvious that the new car will not be a push-over. Besides the electric FordMustang, an electric version of the iconic F-150 pickup and a plug-in hybrid version of the Ford Transit van that is aimed at European customers. Perhaps the most interesting version of the electric vehicles is a fully electric SUV that is earmarked for a 300-mile range for global Ford markets is also in development. This electric SUV will be seen in 2020 beside the Mustang and the F-150. The Ford Transit is scheduled for a 2019 release in keeping with Ford;s renewed focus on the pickup market.

We must clarify here that the hybrid Ford Mustang will not be a plug-in car. Essentially like the Toyota Prius, the new hybrid Mustang will use electricity generated by the car itself while being driven which will be stored in a new and powerful battery pack. This means that the electric Mustang will still use conventional gas but not as much as existing Mustangs. Besides, a substantial all-electric driving range will not be available for the new hybrid, as this report states.

Ford is planning to invest$4.5 billion in fast-tracking R&D in electric vehicles to keep up with other global giants. Chevrolet, owned by rival GM, launched the Volt, which is capable of going over 230 miles on a single charge. Ford also plans to launchhybrid vehicles for police departments with models including the Ford Taurus and the Ford Explorer SUV set for an electric overhaul. On a different note,Ford CEO Mark Fields stated he believed hybrid and electric vehicles would be more popularthan conventional cars within the next 15 years.

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