All about Fetish: Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez

American singer and actress, Selena Gomez, has debuted her seductive new single ‘Fetish’ along with Gucci Mane. This track follows Bad Liar, her sampling of the Talking Heads’ 1977 single ‘Psycho Killer’. In addition to releasing the audio track, she has also released a video to accompany the audio track. The video features a shot of her lips while she sings the song.

Selena Gomez already has two of her singles rocking the Hot 100, It Ain’t Me and Bad Liar, and she just might be looking on to a third one. Selena had first teased the title for her new seductive single at the end of the video for Bad Liar.

In an interview, she had revealed that she had plenty of new music that she was working on, feeling ‘super inspired’. Gucci Mane had previously featured as a guest on Fifth Harmony’s song, Down.

The song, Fetish, is written by Chloe Angelides, Gino Barletta, Selena Gomez, Jeberg, Joe Khajadourian, Mane, Brett McLaughlin, and Alex Schwartz. The lyric video, that Gomez released to promote the track, featured a three-minute close-up of her lips singing the song. Although all her music has been in single tracks, she feels as though the amount of music she is producing is equivalent to an album, all songs being unrelated to each other.

Selena’s long-time friend and pop singer, Taylor Swift, broke her two-month silence on Instagram just to praise the song by Selena Gomez. She wrote a note, congratulating the singer on her ‘sultry pop magic’ and called Selena a ‘dreamy almost-birthday girl’. Selena Gomez will turn 25 on July 22.

Gomez had halted her Revival World Tour because of her lupus diagnosis which included panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. She had previously revealed her struggle with the autoimmunity and had taken some time off to undergo chemotherapy treatments.

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