Alfredo Angelo Bridal store closes without notice: Brides-to-be panic

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Alfredo Angelo Bridal

Many brides received the greatest shock that they will probably ever receive in their lives when Alfredo Angelo Bridal closed almost 60 of their stores on Thursday night after filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The company, headquartered in Florida, sells at 1,400 different locations and dozens of them closed on Thursday. Brides-to-be were seen and reported at stores, banging on the doors of the stores, staring at the dresses, they’d already paid for, through the glass doors. There was a great deal of frenzy amongst them.

One of their customers in Springfield, Virginia, drove from her workplace to find the store closed. She reveals that her wedding is in three and a half weeks and her bridesmaids had ordered the dresses from Alfredo Angelo Bridal. Her bridesmaids currently don’t have their dresses. Another bride-to-be canceled her wedding and threw a party for the homeless people in Richmond.

The chances of her getting her dress were very slim and it was too late to look for another dress so she called off the wedding to throw a party for the homeless. She also told that a saleswoman at the store told her that another frantic bride-to-be actually assaulted the store in a panicked state.

The company’s website and social media accounts had no mention of this situation at all. The last post that was sent out by the company’s Twitter account was a fishtail wedding dress. The bankruptcy lawyer representing the company, Patricia Ann Redmond, told that she had received more than 7,300 emails within a day and had been busy prioritizing them by the dates of the weddings. She also told that the stores were asked to ship out the dresses that were already paid for before shutting down the stores but not all stores had complied with the request.

Other bridal chains have stepped in to help the distraught customers. In California, Enchanted Bridal is offering to help the customers who paid for the dresses at Alfredo Angelo Bridal. But even they have not been able to help everyone. A woman went to Enchanted Bridal with a receipt for a $2000 dress and veil, but she only received the veil.

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