Alert!! The count of sperm in the western countries shows alarming signs.

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The count of sperm

A recent meta-regression analysis that took into consideration studies from New Zealand to the U.S., the number of sperms in the western styled world is decreasing. The study was carried out by leading reproductive biologists from Germany.

In the report published on Tuesday, the results say that the western world sperm count shows a serious dive. However, this nowhere scientifically explains the low birth rates in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe, compared to countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

The sperm count of the African, Asian and South American countries, however, does not show the same decline.

Stefan Schlatt, director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Andrology (science of men) at Mnster University, says, “This analysis is no grounds for fears of male infertility in these countries,”

Schlatt has no relation with the study; however, he says, “the first of its kind, very sophisticated and statistically solid,”

“There is something happening in the western world to our sperm count, no doubt, but we have to think about the conditions that lead to the lack of activity in our testes.”

Reasons for the lowering sperm counts:

The entire study was based on three parameter- sperm count per ejaculate, the density of sperm per milliliter of ejaculate, and the total volume of ejaculate.

In the western nations, the first two parameters showed a significant decline but the third parameter remained constant. In lay man language, the ejaculated liquid amount remained the same but the sperm count was less.

“Maybe western men look too much at naked women during everyday exposure? That would mean that our hypothalamus gets too much input. It could mean that our [diapers] were too tight in our childhood and produced too much heat. It could be that our mobile phones do something to our endocrine or testicular environment that adversely affects the turnover of cells. It could have millions of causes. We don’t know.”

Though the analysis is eye-opening, Schlatt has a relaxed approach to it, “Don’t panic! Men in the western world still have around 47 million sperm swimming in one milliliter of ejaculate. That’s more than enough for fertility, but it could possibly mean that the western trend of having children later may have another obstacle to contend with: Not for men, though, much more for women.”

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