Akshay Kumar Talks About Uri Attack, Surgical Strikes and Ban on Pakistani Actors

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Akshay Kumar

Being part of an army family Akshay Kumar has always maintained his dignity when it comes to his nation. He has portrayed police officers, army man or naval officer in many of his movies and his acting has always reflected his love for his nation. Today when the entire nation is talking against various ‘not so important isuues’ like banning of Pakistani actors or the asking about the conformity of the surgical strike and when the nation has gone crazy over the petty issue it is Akshay Kumar himself came forward to make the countrymen aware of the fact that what should be the concern of Indians right now!

In a 1.19 minutes video that he has uploaded in his tweeter said that no one is concern about the loss of the young lives, where 19 jawans got killed and one died in Buramulla people are behaveing in a very crude manner debating over the proof to be shown to the nation as Congress and Kejriwal and his followers have asked or the entertainment industry that is more concerned with the future of the Pakistani stars in India its saddening that we all have forgotten about the families who have lost their sons!

— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) October 6, 2016

Akshay Kumar has raised an important issue that this is the time a nation should think alike praying for the better future of the ill fated families or should be more concerned that no more life should be sacrificed. And as an Indian we all are responsible to think of that. Akshay has used the social platform for the right use to aware a nation and think about their priority and concern currently.

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