Airways Goes Digital As They Cut Off Days Old Rule of Baggage Tagging & Paper Boarding Passes

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Airport Authority of India on Friday came up with a decision to cut off age-old rule and regulation of tagging up baggage after scanning and checking along with receiving paper boarding passes. The aviation security is all set to embrace the new reform of going digital with a minimal amount of shedding time over forming queues. The annulation of a 1982 rule carries new terms and norms where baggage checking and receivingboarding passes will completely be online.

However, the following norms will have two sides of the coin as if the better side goes digital then the other side will have enlisted names, ticket numbers, flight number, etc. of the total passengers boarding the plane. Print out will be kept with the managers and ground crew members who will keep a regular check so as to ascertain the number of passengers boarded the flight.

As per Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), online passes will replace paper boarding passes given to the passengers just before entering the plane along with saving time for standing or waiting in long queues. The following verdict has been finalised as well as approved by Civil Aviation Ministry which is most likely to be announced formally or officially by next month.

According to BCAS, This rule (on paper boarding pass) is not relevant today because airports have computers and the passes are scanned anyway, and that gives a sense of the number of people who have boarded the flight,” said the official. “Tearing a part of the boarding pass is not required anymore. The authorities have agreed and soon the requirement will be withdrawn.

The respective rule will set out norms where all the passengers tend to flash their mobile for boarding pass and scan the code given below the pass at the security clearing and main gate. For those, who are unable to flash their mobiles for any reason, will receivepaper boarding passes after showing the tickets. After security clearance, the tagging of baggagewill be a pass as the entire method of scanning luggage will be abolished.

The new aviation rules and norms are not only limited to the passengers but alsothe working staff and airline and airport executives. The crew team working in airports will have an increased tenure for airport entry passes (AEP) to three years from the current norm of one year. Further, it will also have biometric features in all the section of the airport so that attendance is at prime as well as the complete check is maintained in the airports of India.

The Central Industrial Security Force have also agreed upon the same who were opposing the entire matter earlier. This is being welcomed by the airline industry as well, which faced few problems in accepting the new norms along with complaining about the inconvenience for receiving the permission for the renewal of licences.

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