Airlines allowed to carry Indians holding Visit visas on flights to UAE

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Indians who hold any type of valid UAE visa can now travel from India to the UAE, the Indian Ambassador tweeted on Monday evening.

India to Dubai Visit Visa

Ambassador Pavan Kapoor wrote on his Twitter account:“Very pleased to see the @MoCA_GoI notification this evening as per which both Indian & UAE airlines can now carry any Indian national holding any type of valid UAE visa from India to UAE!”

His comments follow a notification in this regard by India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation. The development means UAE residents of Indian nationality who were stranded in India can now return to the UAE.

Those seeking to visit the UAE can also board Indian and UAE airlines to fly from India to the UAE. Earlier, India had barred its citizens holding tourist or visitor visas to travel to UAE.

The move will also help Indians to bring their children studying in India to travel to UAE to meet their parents. Several families have been tweeting constantly and sending requests to the Indian missions urging them to allow their children or other family members stranded in India to fly to the UAE on tourist/visit visas. Those with new entry permits have also been seeking help to facilitate their entry

Gulf News reported earlier that India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) eased visa and travel restrictions to and from countries with which the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has entered into an Air Bubble i.e., bilateral air travel arrangement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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