Aircraft containing Brazilian Football Team Chapecoense Reported to Have Crashed in Colombia

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Aircraft containing Brazilian Football Team

It has been reported from Colombia that a charter aircraft carrying more than 80 passengers have crashed in Colombia. And it has been reported that the plane has in it the Brazilian football team Chapecoense. The aircraft was travelling towards Medellin where Chapecoense was travelling for a scheduled football match. No reports of casualty in the plane crash have come in yet.

Chapecoense team was scheduled to play a match in the Copa Sudamericana in Colombia

The local media for the first time informed that there has been an emergency regarding the concerned aircraft carrying the players of Chapecoense. And later on, the Medellin international airport has also confirmed the news of theplane crash. The Medellin international airport in Colombia has also told that it faced a grave emergency while it was on its way to the Medellin.

Aircraft containing Brazilian Football Team Aircraft containing Brazilian Football Team

The players of Chapecoense were off to Colombia for they have a match scheduled to play. They would be playing against one of the Colombian sides Athletico Nacional for the Copa Sudamerica. It has been found out that the aircraft carrying the players of Chapecoense began its journey from Sao Paulo in Brazil at 03:35 PM local time. The crashed aircraft also had the Argentina national players travelling in the earlier half of this month.

On their way to Medellin, the charter plane took a halt in the Santa Cruz de la Sierra, which is regarded as one of the most famous economic hubs in Bolivia. The concerned aircraft, which is a British Aerospace 146 short-haul plane, then took off from there for the final destination. But the disaster has been reported to have happened after that. But no reports of casualties are yet to come in, besides the fact that nothing has been known regarding the probable reason of the plane crash. What has been suspected is that the plane crash has happened near a mountainous region not very far away from the city of Medellin, and ambulances and relief teams have been sent already for the rescue process to begin as early as possible. The poor weather conditions of that place which is regarded as one of the probable factors of the plane crash are also hindering the rescue process. The Mayor of Medellin Federico Guiterrez has been quoted saying regarding the plane crash that, “It’s a tragedy of huge proportions.”

The football team from Brazil, Chapecoense was on their way to play the first leg of the second rung knockout tournament of South America, the Copa Sudamerica which is scheduled to be held on November 30. The return leg is scheduled to be held in Brazil on December 7. In the domestic league, Chapecoense is currently ranked at the ninth spot after 37 games in the current season. But it remains to be whether the team can continue their campaign on the field after this tragic plane crash.

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