Air Conditioning Repair – Getting it Right the First Time

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Air Conditioning Repair

There are a few simple signs you should watch for to determine whether or not you require HVAC company repair services in Toronto. Here are some tell tale signs that will help you get professional services without breaking the bank. Before you go in to call different companies, do some research. Look at different businesses, and learn all you can about each one. The cost is important, but so is the quality of service, and your peace of mind.


Call a repair company

Air Conditioning Repair

When there are any problems with your air conditioning system, one of the first things you should look for is a chipped compressor unit. This is a small part located near the furnace or boiler area that houses the compressor’s compressor unit. Sometimes, chipping can occur because of age or misuse. However, most often it occurs because of weathering. If you have noticed a crack in the compressor area, call a repair company now.


Another indicator that you may need air conditioning unit repairs are power surges. These are common occurrences in a home. The surge can come from either an outdoor unit or an indoor unit, but usually the outdoor unit is the one that causes the problem. You can usually identify what is going on with a surge by listening for a beeping noise that resembles a train whistle.


Call a repair company and ask them to check the blower valve for wear and tear. The blower is the part of the air con unit that allows heat from the heating system to move from the compressor coil into the indoor unit. Over time the blower can begin to make noises. They can be steady or come and go. It may also become difficult to control the airflow through the ducts.


Cleaning your aircon

Air Conditioning Repair


Blower valves can become clogged with hair, dust, and other debris. Cleaning these parts of the system with compressed air will help remove the debris. If there are large amounts of dirt in the system, however, it may require the replacement of some of the components. Leakages through the blower can occur because of dirt or other particles stuck in the ducts or insulation.


Other indicators that you may need aircon repairs include leaks in the duct work or insulation, signs of a clogged drain, and drainage issues in the areas where the units are placed. If a duct is clogged, the unit will not work properly and you will not be able to regulate the temperature that is generated in your room. A clogged drain, on the other hand, can cause a unit to overheat and stop functioning properly. Signs of a leaking drain include water leaking from the pipe that drains the air conditioner condenser, moisture or other liquid residue in the lines, and damage to the pipes themselves.

Air Conditioning Repair

Problems with your air conditioner can often be resolved by simply replacing a broken pump, for example. Sometimes the unit will simply need to be serviced to ensure that everything is working correctly. However, there are other less expensive problems that you can have fixed on your own. One common problem is a broken compressor. In this case, you should first locate the breaker that is broken and then turn it off and unplug it from the wall.


Aircon systems may have a number of different components. However, if you are able to isolate the part that is causing the problem, it will usually be a simple process. You can check to see if the ac unit is draining water from its hoses or condensers by checking to see if there is an abnormal amount of dripping water coming from the outdoor unit. If you find this, then you will need to turn off the whole place and let it drip dry for a few minutes. Finally, you should replace the hose or condenser to make sure that the problem is fixed.

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