Air Ambulance Saved From Getting Crash While Landing

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Air Ambulance

The incident took place near New Delhi when an Air Ambulance carrying 7 people got saved from a crash landing. Location, where the plane got landed, was Chair Village in Najafgarh area, today. Though there is no news of causality two of them suffered minor injuries. The heroic approach was carried up by the Pilot of the aircraft whose presence of mind saved 7 to die; despite sole cause being the engine failure.

The flight had a route from Patna to Delhi but soon developed technical errors scurrying in the emergency landing. The plane was 6 nautical miles away from Delhi when pilot contacted ATC in New Delhi airport. The co-pilot of the air ambulance reportedly said to ATC that it would land anywhere near Delhi in the possible place as both the engine failed.

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The plane which was saved from crashing is Beechcraft King Air C90 manufactured in 1989. It has two turbine engines operated under Alchemist Pharma Company, having a seating capacity of 6 passengers and 1 crew member.

It is not the first time that a plane saved from crashing. Earlier there were two similar cases where both of them crashed killing everybody. Recent being in 2011 when an air ambulance crashed near Sector 22’s colony in Faridabad in which all 10 boarded died. Co-incidentally, it was coming from Patna only as in today’s case.

Another was a BSF plane which got crashed in December 2015 in which all 10 BSF officials got killed. An 11 seater plane carried 7 technicians, 2 crew members and a pilot. The plane took off from Delhi airport but after denoting a technical fault, it tried to return but collided with a tree, thus killing all the soldiers.

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