AIB in trouble again for making fun of PM

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making fun of PM

The comedy group All India Bakchod is in trouble, yet again. An FIR has been lodged against the group and its members for defamation and posting offensive content on social media under the IT Act owing to a joke they posted on Twitter which showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi waiting at a railway station and using the dog filter on Snapchat. The picture came along with a hashtag ‘Wanderlust’.

The joke was aimed at Modi’s multiple foreign visits and was not very well received. It invited a horde of trolls who not only attacked the group itself but also asked Mumbai police to take an action against the group. Mumbai police, recently in the news after laughing off a woman’s complaint of a man who was masturbating in a local train, were quick to respond and claimed that they forwarded the complaint to the cyber cell of the police department.

An FIR has been lodged against AIB under the IT Act for defamation and posting offensive content on social media, the punishment for which is a fine of Rs 5 Lakh and up to three years of imprisonment. AIB took down the tweet and was again criticized as ‘cowards’ and ‘hypocrites’ by Congress leaders. Congress leaders questioned AIB for their countless skits and jokes aimed at Congress over the years, claiming to talk about serious issues like politics via the medium of jokes, and yet refraining from making fun of the current government.

Tanmay Bhat and Rohan Joshi, both members of AIB, responded curtly by making fun of the losing relevance that Congress leaders have. Tanmay tweeted that Congress leaders have resorted to waking up in the morning and trying to shame comedians for deleting a meme. Rohan, on the other hand, sent a tweet that sounded more like an answering machine message, asking members from political, religious or social groups to leave an outrage after the beep.

AIB was in trouble not too long ago for their roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, which was criticized by some members of the public for being too offensive, even though a statutory warning was given prior to the start of the roast.

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