Ahegao: Who Make Ahegao’s face

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Ahegao | Who make Ahegao’s face

What is Ahegao:

Ahegao is a word of Japanese pornography, which often describes the expression of the face of fictional characters during sex used in porn videogames, manga and porn anime Hentai.

The face of Ahegao became a fashion trend for erotic enthusiasts in Japan. There are many dresses available, which are the anime and manga characters, who make Ahegao’s face.


The special features in Ahegao are rolled eyes, a hanging tongue and a sparkling cheek, and sometimes a star or heart palettes. The faces of the character have been distorted in the scene. Ahegao’s statements are deliberately exaggerated to make a real impact. Ahegao face is used to portray different grades of sexual excitement, whether they are in a general context or more often.

While Ahegao is often used in pornographic magazines, anime, and video games, this is not particularly the word of Hentai. Many non-adult works include Ahegao’s face as well as ways to parody frequently

The second part of the word ‘Gao’ is respectively Kao Kanji and Japanese for the face, whereas in the first part it is not possible to be made in Kanji. In Katakana, there is a short name for ah, which describes a panting or a moaning sound. Ahegao can be translated as a moaning, panting or strange face.
Ahegao should not be confused with ahoge which is a hair antenna that became popular in the Love Hina Anime series. Another word that is similar to Ahegao, in Japanese, is Ikigao which means the face is coming. The difference between Ahegao and Ikigao is a more realistic drawing style to illustrate the face of Ikigao, which is to be found in more mainstream functions.

According to a posting in a forum in Niconico Pedia, Ahegao was used in the early 1990’s. Ahegao Pornographic magazines used ahegao to describe the facial expressions of female porn actresses during female sexual intercourse.

In the period of the 2000s, Ahegao developed and developed this drawing style and started spreading throughout the Otaku culture. In 2008, the first Ahegao-themed doujin comic anthology A-H-E was released and in the decade of 2010, major publishers used Ahagao themed comic anthology.
By that time the facial expression was regularly featured in pornography, during the popularity of hentai fetishes in the sex industry in real life.


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