Ahead Of Threats To Deepika Padukone; Sunny Leone Reveals That She Gets ‘Death Threats’ Everyday!

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All the way from adult industry to now being an excellent Bollywood actress, doting mother, and a successful entrepreneur, Sunny Leone is currently the adored star in the B-town. Amidst the threats received by Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali for their upcoming movie, Padmavati, Sunny Leone recently spoke up that she is getting death threats every day.

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The Bollywood actress who is gearing for herupcoming film Tera Intezaar starring Arbaaz Khan said that she is getting threats every day and night. Sunny Leone opened up about this when she was asked if it is right to threaten a Bollywood actress and producers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika are going through.

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To which Sunny Leone replied,

“You will be surprised if I show you the inbox of my messages of the last two days. I get death threats and all sort of weird threats from random people every now and then. People have been saying and doing crazy things to me since the past six years. But I don’t let it affect me. All this pressure won’t change me as a person. I am still happy and working in Bollywood.”

Sunny further said that being an actress, she does not find it good to react to these threats. She later said you should not allow the goons to walk away with fame and name just by threatening you.

She further said,

“You know what the scary part is, that one person (politician or religious group leader) threatening you might not harm you, but his followers might go berserk and do things to you.”

Talking about the Padmavati, Sunny Leone said that the Censor Broad is there to announce the right decision for the movie and not the political parties. She feels, we have modern thinkers in the country and hence the movie should be released in peace without observing protest and riots anywhere.


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