Adira Cries When She Sees Vaani Kapoor

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Adira Cries When She Sees Vaani Kapoor

Talking about her warm rapport with her mentor and guide Aditya Chopra and his wife Rani Mukherjee, Vaani Kapoor admitted that they are her favoritepeople,” “They are lovely. I keep going over to their house for the Bengali fish curry. It’s yum.”

She further talked about her relationship with Adi and Rani’s daughter Adira, ” “Adira is a darling. She is a cutie pie. But she cries when she sees me. I have understood that Adira is not very comfortable with people or going to a lot of them around her. I have gauged that it’s not just my effect but it’s everybody.” She further adds, “I think kids don’t like me much. Even my nephew used to cry when he was a kid and I used to go close to him. I don’t know what they are sensing from me, I have only love to give.”

Vani further jokingly added, “I think kids don’t like me much.” That is so sweet of her.

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