Adidas’s New Sports Advertisement Celebrates ODDS of Winning

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ODDS of Winning

There is always this unique thing about sports advertisements from the biggest Sporting powerhouses which leave an impression on you. Even if the ad is basically targeted at the selling a brand new Sports shoe line, sometimes they touch you and make you feel positive. And Adidas have done it again this time. The ODDS advertisement by Adidas which advertises apair of shoes—two lefts or two rights, for athletes with one foot is all about reality, the harshness of it and how some people go to any lengths to overcome difficulties. The advertisement is just not about the shoes. In fact,the shoes are barely a part of the 1:48-second video but what remains in every person who has ever viewed the ad is a feeling of immense upliftment. Something people tend to forget in difficult times. The very fact that there are very few things which can be deemed impossible.

There are none maybe.

The campaign, created by Taproot Dentsu India Communication Pvt. Ltd is about Major D.P. Singh, a Kargil war veteran who lost his leg in battle but never lost his determination to start walking again. The stark reality portrayed is mind-blowingly touching, and it will definitely propel viewers into watching the ad a second time around.

In a year and two months, while his wounds began healing, Major D P Singh began to walk – initially using crutches and later transitioned to a walking leg. And 10 years later, he participated in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and went on to become India’s first ever blade runner.The Adidas film was shot in Gurgaon, at real locations, whether it was Major Singh’s home or the places he practices in.

“We wanted this to be as real as possible, and that is the charm of this film. Advertising tends to gloss over things, it’s (sports advertising) hyper-colourful, often crazy, and has a lot of things going on. We didn’t want to go down that route… we wanted this film to be real, yet cinematic.”

-Veneet Raj Bagga, Film-maker for the advertisement

“Losing a part of the body does not lead to disability. Losing the will to fight out odds, does. Celebrate odds and be the winner. If you wish to give up anything, give up giving up. That’s the message I wish to give everyone.”

-Major D.P. Singh

The Marathon-runner helped set up a support group for amputees after his first blade run in 2011.

“At Adidas, we live a simple principle. No Athlete left behind. This philosophy is at the heart of ‘Odds by Adidas’. It is our way of encouraging and cheering Para-athletes on to achieving their best on the field of play, and we hope Major D.P. Singh’s story inspires much more to live their dreams and prove that Sports has the power to change lives.”

– Damyant Singh, Senior Marketing Director, Adidas India

ODDS by Adidas is a must watch. And above everything, it is a beautiful watch. The advertisement by the Sports brand is a reminder to every single person in this world that obstacles, no matter how big, can be overcome with sheer determination and hard work.

It reminds us that even inspite of all odds lined up against us, we can still succeed but only if we are actually willing to.

It reminds us again that Nothing is Impossible.

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