Acharya Balakrishna Owns 94% of Patanjali Ayurved

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Acharya Balakrishna

A man in his early 40’s donning traditional Indian attire daily working diligently and confidently in full swing. That’s Acharya Balakrishna for you, who owns 94% shares of Patanjali Ayurved. The man of Morales, who took the company to 5,000 crore conglomerate being first fully aspired country based manufacturer.

His working style differs from that of his contemporaries, and at the age of 43, he is surely a long way to go. The most uncommon factor of the company is there is not a single computer and uses age-old method of paperwork. Though carrying an iPhone might be the fact of choice but still Acharya Ji believes in working with the large stack of papers piled on his desk and speaks in Hindi.

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Amazingly he does not take salary home and works 15 hours a day including Sundays and Holidays. In a press conference in the head office of Patanjali Ayurved, ‘Sadbhawana’, he said, ” “I work daily from 7 am to 10 pm. While a normal person would work for 8 hours a day, I work for 15 hours through the week. I am doing the job of five people.”

He further recites that it is hard work that has made Patanjali a 5,000 crore INR company. Other companies follow various strategies, but this company has always dedicated towards one thing which is consumer’s need and kept on introducing new products for the betterment of end users.“Whatever we have made, we have kept the consumer need in mind. Nobody had thought that people would also drink amla juice. ” Also, other FMCG companies conduct a market research before launching a new product, but Patanjali has always believed in its consumers. Rest the world know. Every product introduced by the company is ayurvedic be it edibles, beauty products, daily usage, and so on.

Targeting at a turnover of 10,000 crores INR future perspectives are high of Patanjali. The sole motto of the company that Indian products are not inferior to foreign products have marked the company in a high position for the long-run. Its brand strategy overarches all sub-brands of which marketing gurus are against. Still believing in itself, consumers’ need, strong roots, etc. have helped the company rise and shine.

Patanjali Ayurved has started 10 years ago, and they had no fund to raise it. The first funding came from an NRI couple, basically followers of Baba Ramdev, and have 3% share in the company. Later, they took a loan of 50 to 60 crores INR and thus it took a pace. If we talk about the past, then back in 2011 CBI booked Acharya in a case of fraudulent which later got a clean chit.

Ramdev has supported in every kith and kin, and his advice is considered when required. Recently, the company has asked for a loan amounting 700 crores INR via financial institutions for new investments in the manufacturing sector. In fact confident regarding his work, Acharya has already ordered machinery for future product development despite the fact that plant plot is yet to be confirmed.

Acharya Ji continues stating that the work culture is unique in Patanjali. Everybody is greeted with ‘OM’ here. It (mantra) enhances your working skills. Consumption of meat, alcohol, cigarette, etc. is strictly prohibited. Employees have a unique combination of 30:70 ratio as of Men and Women. Though the pay scale is not high but still people working here serve with emotions and sentiments and its similar to serving the nation.

Well, when it comes to work, then no one can out master Balakrishna, who works for 15 hours a day at a stretch and does not look a bit of tired or exhausted, in that case not even exasperated. When asked regarding the mantra of being a workaholic he smiles and reverts,“I enjoy it. It is like a picnic for me.”

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