Aamir Khan’s acting in Dangal Impressed the Former Wrestling Coach Mahavir Singh Phogat

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With the release of the trailer of the movie Dangal Aamir Khans outstanding portrayalof former wrestling coachMahavir Singh Phogat left the audience in goosebumps. Apart from the fans the main manMahavir Singh Phogat was deeply moved by Aamirkhan‘s acting. He was impressed with the fact that his struggles in life were held up with complete perfection from Mr.perfectionist. He said “After watching the trailer of the movie last week, I have been overwhelmed. Aamir Khan has done superb acting.”There is no doubt that movie is one of the most talked of in the industry. The movie is scheduled to be released on 23rd December, and it will be shown first in Mahavir Singh Phogat’s VillageBalali.


In an interview, the former wrestling coach speaks out his heart about the obstacles he had to face from his relatives and the village when he decided to bring his three daughters in the wrestling arena orakhara.But a determined wrestling coach did not let any sort of social obstructions come his wayand went ahead with his decision. He even states that when hiselder daughter Geeta Phogat brought medal from Commonwealth Games, those who were against him came to him personally to apologise. “The film is coming with the message about my struggle against all odds and establishing myself in the field of wrestling.”said the coach who was awarded a Dronacharya award about the movie Dangal.

When asked about Aamir Khan’s weight gain for the movie he sais that he had advised the director of the movie as to how Aamir Khan could gain weight to suit the role he was going to play. Apart from this, he was impressed with Mr.perfectionists attempt to master the art of the game and his dedication in regards to the suggestions given by him to the expansion of his physique.The movie Dangal is made on the life of the coachMahavir Singh Phogat and his three daughtersGita, Veenesh and Babita. It is a fact that Aamir Khan comes up with one blockbuster a year, and this is known to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. Thus, with the former coaches appreciation of the actor’soutstanding performance, it is a proof of the fact that he deserves the title of Mr. perfectionist bestowed upon him.

Apart from the fact that the movie is set to be released on 23rd December, and the trailer gave us a glimpse of what the movie is going to be likewe have no other updates as of yet. For any further updates stay hooked to Fabnew!

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