Aakatayi 1st Day Total Box Office Collection: An Average Start for the Telugu Film?

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Aakatayi box office collection

Aakatayi Box Office Collection:Produced under the banner of VKA Films and helmed by Rom Bhimana, Aakatayi has finally hit the multiplexes today and the Telugu action movie has already started gaining great reviews. Moviegoers were waiting to witness the on-screen chemistry of Rukshar Mir and Aashish Raj on the celluloid, therefore, countless South Indian movie lovers are expected to head towards the multiplexes for watching the Telugu action movie. Aakatayi box office collection is expected to acquire an average earning on its opening day as it is made with a small production cost. So let’s figure out how much Aakatayi 1st day total collection would settle down to.

Aakatayi First Day Collection in India

The initial part of Aakatayi depicts romantic-comedy story but the plot line soon takes a different turn and bends towards a lot of intensity. The viewers have appreciated the constant elevation of the film’s potency while the romantic essence was a breath of fresh air. And now that the film has already received so many positive reviews, it is predicted that the multiplexes are going to be jam packed tomorrow as well. However, Aakatayi collection on its first day of release is predicted to garner almost Rs. 1.64 Crores in India today and is expected to take over Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada.

Aakatayi 1st Day Collection Final Verdict

The earnings of Aakatayi box office collection may open on an average note but the Telugu action movie is expected to soar higher in terms of money making from tomorrow as the weekend is going to kick-start. The viewers who have watched Aakatayi on the silver screen are quite impressed by the concept of the Telugu film and apart ofRukshar Mir and Aashish Raj even the other actors have given an outstanding performance. Nevertheless, Aakatayi is an amalgamation of suspense, thriller, comedy and romance, therefore the Telugu movie has left no stone unturned to entertain the audiences to a larger extent.

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