A World Of Gifts For A ‘One-derful Father!

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My Father means a universe to me! Yes, he’s a galaxy full of shining stars and his celestial beauty is invaluable to me.

Ever since I’ve opened my eyes, he has been supervising my potty sessions, making my bedtime, a fun time, and telling me fairy tale stories along with ridiculous noises to give an extra theatricality effect.

He has been a friend who hears my school stories, a brother who gives me kick-ass pieces of advice, a coach who guides me to the stronger path of life and a mom who tucks me in the bed on every cold winter night.

While the world celebrates him in the month of June, I celebrate him on his birthday and of course, on the official date of the father’s date as well. There can be a gift to shout out our love for him because it’s our hugs he finds his mile-wide smiles in.


But here are father’s day gift ideas for all the daddies out there that can speak out your love for him in the most precious way possible.

Gadget Dad

My daddy is a tech-daddy! So, I am going to pick his category first. Well, this is also for all the gadget daddies out there! Of course, you can give him a virtual reality headset or a gold finder glasses, but if you want to give a tech touch to his daily snacking time by gifting him a camera lens mug. You know what’s the best part about it? Its lid holder can hold his crunchy biscuits.

Gardening Dad

He’s a green soul. Your daddy is a fan of vibrant blossoms, finger-sized happiness, and loves to keep your around merry blossoms of joy. To a daddy who is retired or the one who wants greenery around you, a crassula plant or an aralia variety can be a perfect fathers day gifts for him this year.

 Cooking Dad

He bakes amazing Nutella cupcakes and tosses the best salad you have ever tasted! He is basically the king of the house and the king of the culinary skills. Surprise him with a king-size chopping board or a personalized apron and whip him the greatest happiness with this perfect gift for father’s day.

Football Dad

Every time champion league comes up, do you and your soccer daddy fight over who’s going to win, Manchester United or Barcelona. Well, for a daddy like him, you can score his heart with a jersey of his favorite club. Also, this best fathers day gift is sure to trigger his inner child who is playful, jumpy, and sporty!

Adventure Dad

You are one blessed child if your father loves to travel and explore the hidden treasures of the world. Of course, you can take him under the sea for a weekend getaway but how about you surprise him with a vintage map cufflinks.

Our daddies do millions of things for us which nobody else can ever do. So, why not we return the favor by giving him a unique father’s gift this year.

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