A Swift Colour Psychology Guide To Design Your Own Sportswear

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This is the second feed of our two-part series covering colour theory. As a leading manufacturer of custom made football kits, sportswear and equipment offering folks in the UK a free online 3D Kit Designer, we realised that the dilemma of finding the most apt colour for your team’s or club’s sportskit and merchandise is rather widespread. For that reason, here we present a quick reference guide to colour psychology.

Before we dig deeper into the tunnel and find the infamous light, let us first shine some light on the term colour psychology. Widely known as a study of hues determining human behaviour, colour psychology helps in understanding the specific impacts that each colour leaves upon its viewer. It could be the calming effect of blues that determine the action or passion inducing red which propel the desired action. When it comes to sportswear, it is as much about the impact left on the onlooker as about the desired action.

Without further ado, here we present a lineup of colours with a deeper insight into the psychology behind each.



The power-packed colour in branding, red is associated with passion, danger, and energy. A big example of red would be Netflix that uses red for attracting users to its platform.

Where Red is apt?

If the persona of your sports brand or team is bold and you are willing to stand out, red or shades of red would do the trick.


A warmer tone of red, orange implies creativity and enthusiasm. It is the colour of youth that channels the warmth of red and combines it with the charming playfulness of yellow.

Where Orange is apt?

Orange is one colour that attracts attention without getting quite as daring as red. With Fanta and Hermes as your examples, go for this colour to render an element of vibrancy and imbue confidence.


Coming to yet another vibrant colour on the chart, Yellow imbibes hope, happiness and spontaneity.

Where Yellow is apt?

A colour powerful enough to grab attention, Yellow is often used to instate caution. Used by the likes of McDonald’s and Best Buy, use yellow to create a strong impression while indicating a ray of hope.


A colour often synonymous with nature, and harmony Green denotes wealth and stability.

Where Green is apt?

For teams, clubs and sportsmen wishing to represent wealth and growth, or associate their team with one that takes action, green is the apt colour. It can also be used to ooze out a soothing vibe.


The colour denoting calmness and trust, Blue is the key to imbibe intelligence as well as responsibility.

Where Blue is apt?

While IT companies and finance institution are mad for blue, sportsmen and teams can use blue to denote trust and dependability, and also to appeal both genders.


Generally black and white are the most sought neutrals, with gray as an amiable intermediate option.

Where Neutrals are apt?

Black, the colour of power, sophistication and elegance makes for a near perfect choice when you are up on Zapkam to design your own sportswear.

White, the colour of purity and minimalism can be used to denote modernism. It is a prefect base to top with other colours and team their colour psychology with that of white.

Grey, the colour of professionalism and conventionality, creates an air of maturity around, and is a brilliant choice to team with other strong colours.

Here, having guided you through the psychology of colours, we leave the artist’s brush in your hand. Colour your team’s apparel and accessories in the most suitable hue and let Zapkam do the rest for you – that is, turn your idea into reality and deliver your personalised sports kit right to your doorstep.

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