A study of different emergency vehicle lights available in the market with their features and functions.

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LED light for cars and trucks

In the current market, there are many options available for led lights suitable for different vehicles. The LED lights have made for cars and trucks, security and utility vehicles including ambulances tow trucks snow plows etc. All these LED headlights and taillights available in the market have passed through several stages of quality control testing. So they are proved as energy efficient, eco – friendly as well as economically low in budget lights for any type of vehicle. LED lighting such as sealed beam headlights or taillights for trucks and various LED bulbs for trucks that would add style to your vehicle’s interior.

LED beacon lights                        

Since beacon lights have come into existence in 1950. The beacon light is one of the most iconic strobe light models for all emergency warning lighting systems. The beacon’s light is also the simplest way to have emergency lights in any vehicles. LED beacon lights are available in a multitude of size and color with many mounting options feature that make it perfectly suited for all type of public safety emergency vehicles.

Cab lights

Heavy trucks of big rig type require more precise lighting systems to avail the other road users a clear and defined view of its size. LED truck cab lights do not only make large vehicles such as 18 wheel “BIG RIG” a heavy-duty facelift, it also provides excellent top marker lights enabling everybody around your vehicle aware of your presence. LED truck cab lights with its worldly accepted fitment solution, offer to be installed on Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ford, or any SUVs or pickup trucks alike.

LED headlights

Generally, there is more problem of having poor visibility when you drive at night. Since old halogen headlights do not produce the quality of clear and bright light that LED lights to provide. Fresh new set of LED headlight bulbs turn nights into days. With Traditional HID conversion kits, LED headlight bulbs for cars and LED truck headlights to require no additional modification with its plug and play installation.

License plate lights

License Number plate with LED lights has become an essential feature for vehicles in today’s era. These LED lights fitted License number plate not only makes you a law-abiding citizen but also serves as low maintenance, more visible and more stylish option than conventional registration plate lamps. The license plate LED lights offered to produce a highly visible light, are durable in construction, and perfectly suitable for heavy-duty trucks, trailer, RVs, cars, Pickups, motorcycles, and all automobiles alike. Conventional license plate lights are designed to have a shorter lifespan so selecting LED license plate light bulbs can be a wise decision for any citizen having any kind of vehicle.

Sealed beam headlights

Sealed beam headlights, the symbolic headlights that were compulsory to install in automobiles from 1939 to 1984. These were headlight assemblies that had a sealed construction which uses halogen bulbs inside. Classic sealed beam headlights are still used in present models of automobiles such as jeep, wrangler, SUVs etc.

Tailgate light bars

If you are looking for a solution that your vehicle standout amongst others, adding a tailgate LED light bar to your vehicle can be the perfect option for your search. Tailgate light bars for the vehicles are the perfect accessory because they offer form, style, and function. There are various colors and designs available so you can mix and match them to best suit your application and added safety with equipping your trailer or truck with durable and highly visible tail lights.

LED dash lights

LED dash lights have become one of the most convenient and easy ways of outfitting a vehicle with emergency vehicle strobe warning lights. The emergency dash light units offered in the section can be powered by using cigarette lighter receptacle. The easy conversion of flashback into cabin makes these emergency LED dash lights a perfect choice for all type of public safety services profession for both day and night hours usage. Full-size light bar

An emergency vehicle such as ambulance, construction, law enforcement, or public safety services requires a rooftop easily installed roof light bar. It must be large and powerful to maximize the visibility of the vehicle on the road. LED light bars come in multiple sizes, LED color, power output, and technical features designed for specific applications.

LED grills lights

LED grill lights are one of the most versatile lighting instruments that any public safety profession can have for its emergency vehicles. These can be mounted either in an exterior of the vehicle or in the trunk and cabin with affixing with LEDs. Application of light heads, as grill lights offered is nearly limitless!

LED hideaways side lights

The designing of hideaway strobe LED lights enable them to mount easily inside headlights, taillights, or surface mounted using flanges. These can perform a function as traffic advisor and it has become in the category of essential lights for any vehicle.

Surface mount light heads

These surface mount lights can be mounted almost in anywhere in the vehicle. By virtue of this, it has been known as most versatile and commercially acceptable piece of emergency lights. All strobe surface mount LED lights are weatherproof and can be mounted on both the exterior and interior of your emergency vehicle.

Mini LED light bars

The mini LED light bars are suitable for public safety service vehicles with special applications where the full sized LED light bars cannot be mounted due to lack of space in the vehicle, at the same time 360 degrees of intense visual warning light is still required. These lights have compact size low profile LED bars occupies minimum vehicle space while mount and store, and in combination with its versatile mounting options, the mini light bars are definitely its own kind of rooftop fitted emergency vehicles strobe warning lights.

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