A Men’s Guide to Matching Outfits

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if your outfit looks good or if certain articles of clothing go well together. We all know it’s easy to just throw together an outfit as you are walking out the door, but considering your style can make a big difference. The following tips are easy and simple ways you can start matching your outfits.

Match When You Can

It’s rare to find two separate articles of clothing that match perfectly, but when you do, take advantage of it! If you have a shirt with a unique marble design and stumble on a matching marble iPhone case, you’ll have yourself a great new look. It’s a subtle choice that can go a long way for your style. Plus, if the case is in a neutral color, you can also pair it with a variety of other looks.


Basic Color Theory

You’re not always going to be lucky enough to find designs or colors that match exactly. So take advantage of basic color theory! Many online blogs advise you to use the color wheel to create matching outfits with colors that look good when paired together. You don’t have to memorize it, but it can be helpful to keep in mind a few of the following points:

  • Associated colors. These sit directly next to each other on the wheel. They are important for monochromatic outfits, such as a blue t-shirt and blue jeans.
  • Complementary colors. These sit opposite from each other on the wheel. Think yellow and purple or orange and blue. When used together, they are very bold. A good rule of thumb is to tone down one of them to a darker shade if you want to prevent too much contrast.
  • Triadic colors. Three shades that sit equally far apart on the wheel are considered triadic. They allow you to create a Stylish outfit using multiple colors. Examples include green, purple and orange, or red, blue and yellow.

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Perception of Color

It is also important to understand the perception of color when creating a matching outfit. Blue, for instance, is a calming tone whereas red indicates danger or passion. You want to keep the mood the same so as not to throw off the style.

Neutral Colors Are Your Best Friend

Some of the best neutral colors include: white, light blue, tan/British khaki, grey, olive, navy, and black. A combination of any two (or even three) will always look great together. This isn’t a hard and fast real, but your outfit will usually look better if you wear darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on the top.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Pop of Color

Armed with your neutral shades, don’t be scared to add a pop of color. The neutrals go together and create a nice base. One pop of color, therefore, will look great. The keyword there is ONE. It is best to not get too carried by playing with bright, contrasting shades.

 Match Clothing That Matters

Match Clothing That Matters

As previously mentioned, it can be fashionable to match stuff when you can. Certain articles of clothing, however, should always be matched.

Your jewelry, for instance, should go together. It is always a good idea to center the whole aesthetic around one piece. A gold watch should be paired with gold rings or necklaces. Two-tone jewelry is ideal because if you have a gold and silver ring, you can get away with wearing a gold watch and a silver necklace.

You should also match any leather (belts, shoes, jackets) you wear. The articles don’t need to be exactly matching but getting as close as you can is best. It’s usually a fashion no-no to wear something like a black belt, brown jacket, and tan shoes.

Even though matching can improve your fashion, don’t stress over it! Have fun experimenting with different Clothes and creating your own unique style.

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