A Law Students Chops Off The Private Part Of The Swami Who Raped Her For Several Years

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Finally, the torcher and pain of the girl have come to an end! A 23-year-old law student from Kerala chops off the private part of the man who raped her for several years. The girl chopped off the private part of the swami, the self-proclaimed godman who used to come at her home for performing puja and aarti.

The 54-year-old Swami first attempted to rape the Kerala girl when she was just 16 years old. Since then, Swami has been raping the girl for many years. According to the girl, the swami would come to meet her mother and whenever he would get a chance, he would rape the little girl.

Last night, the self-proclaimed godman turned up at her house and when he tried to rape her, the girl took a sharp instrument and attacked his private parts. After attacking the private parts of the Swami, the girl immediately called the police

The self-proclaimed swami is identified as Swami Ganeshananda, or Hari swami who is also the member of Panmana Ashram in Kollam. Swami was rushed to the hospital and was attended by a team of experts to carry out the plastic surgery. If reports are to be believed, Trivandrum Medical College staff have confirmed that swami is out of danger now.

The police have registered a criminal case against the swami under POSCO. Here is what the victim told the police, “My father is paralyzed and bedridden. My mother invited Swami for conducting pooja and offering prayers three years ago. He is a frequent visitor to our home. Two years ago, he started raping me. I was scared to resist him. When he tried to rape me on Friday night, I chopped off his sexual organ,”

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