A Guide to Buy Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

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Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

The rate of homeownership in Massachusetts is nearly 62%, and it was ranked in the top ten expensive urban areas to live in by the Council for Community and Economic Research. Massachusetts is also one of the most expensive areas to own a home.

If you are a resident there, then you must have Massachusetts homeowners insurance. The state experiences hurricanes with heavy rain and high winds, floods, blizzards, storm surges, and ice storms almost every year.  So, before you get a homeowners insurance policy, you have to consider certain aspects like coverage.

Your home is where you will spend a fair amount of your life. If there is any damage to it, you should be ready to spend money to bring it back to its past glory, and that is why you should get homeowners insurance.

Follow these few tips given below and keep these in mind before you buy homeowners insurance.

Choose an Insurance Agent

Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

When you think about buying Massachusetts homeowners insurance, the first thing you will think of is talking to an agency. Though this is a good step, you can get advice from an independent insurance agent with experience instead of directly talking to the insurance company.

Dealing with an insurance agent will help you get a clear idea about schemes, plans, and discounts. There are chances of getting better insurance for less cost as well.

The Cost of Coverage

When you get homeowners insurance, you will want to get coverage for your home’s full replacement value. But the land it sits on, no one can destroy or steal it.

So when calculating the coverage amount, the market value of the land should not be considered as a factor. Ensure that when they analyze the coverage amount, the agency or the agent should not use it as one factor.

Check for Premium Discounts

Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

There are various premium discounts offered by agencies when you purchase Massachusetts homeowners insurance. Besides the usual discounts you get if you have multiple policies with the same agency, there are also other discounts based on any trade organization you are a part of or even the college you studied.

Again, ask them whether you qualify for any discounts if you live near fire hydrants or fire stations. There are high chances of getting a deal if it is new construction and there is a security system.

Higher Deductibles

You can save a lot of money by having a higher deductible. Filing small claims can give you a premium increase or even cancellations. So, it is better that you limit claims to larger losses only.

If you think a loss of $1000 can cause you financial difficulties, then think about the amount you can save every year with a $1000 or more deductible.

Liability Insurance

Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

Liability insurance makes up a great value. An accident or an emergency can arise any time without warning, and you have to make sure that you are covered for personal injury claims.

When you get the liability part of your Massachusetts homeowners insurance, it can cover you away from home as well.

Value of Personal Property

The homeowners’ insurance policy you choose depends on the value of your personal property. According to your personal property’s value, you can adjust the policy coverage you are going to buy.

You should also have a fair idea about the property categories subject to special coverage limits, like electronics, jewelry, and collectibles.


Just like what you do when you get a mortgage loan, you have to look at various agencies and agents before getting a homeowner’s insurance. If you are about to rely on an agent or company, make sure they have your best interest at heart and that they are legit and reliable.

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